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Lookbook: Peaky Blinders feat. Poszetka
Less than two weeks ago, the first episode of the sixth season of Peaky Blinders was released. On this occasion, we prepared for you the first part of a session inspired by this series, in cooperation with the Wrocławski Tor Wyścigów Konnych Partynice. On the photos you can see both our RTW clothing and MTM projects.
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The Questionnaire: Karol Majchrzak

|Karol Majchrzak,|

It's time for another guest in our questionnaire. You can associate him with the last entry "Power suit before Wall Street" he wrote. Meet Karol Majchrzak


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Power suit before the Wall Street

|Karol Majchrzak|

There are certain stylistic solutions that affect our imagination in unique ways. Whether we want it or not, our brain affiliates certain things with contexts, movie stills, connotations. I mention it because I think that the so called power suit has a very special place in our minds.


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Details Matter: the OCBD Story

 | Mateusz Tryjanowski |

I’ve been absolutely sure I had already touched a similar topic here on Everyday Classic blog - however, it seems I didn’t! There is nothing else for me to do but to catch up on that, so have a read now. A long one.

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The Questionnaire: Tomek Godziek

 | Tomasz Godziek |

The integral part of our Everyday Classic blog will be The Questionnaire - a repeating series of questions answered by our special guests. We invite you to read the first episode, starring Tomek Godziek - the person who, together with his beloved wife Asia, established and runs it to this day.

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Back on the Baltic Coast


This is the continuation of the Poszetka x Mr. Vintage Baltic collection, this time designed with holidays in mind.


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