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Panama - practical and stylish


Preceded by the sweet scent of flowers and refreshing spring rains, summer is at our doorstep. Along comes the sun and all its hot blessings. It's a good idea to cover your head, if only for the sake of your health and a bit of shade. At the same time you can look good, thanks to a simple yet graceful hat.


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Pajamas - as comfortable as it looks

| |

The idea of wearing classic pajamas, i.e. a shirt with an open collar and trousers of the same material, is considered old-fashioned and rather extravagant. It is a great pity - because this garment is definitely more stylish and not at all inferior in comfort to it's substitutes.


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As Soft As a Camel Hair Jacket

| Mateusz Tryjanowski |

Well, I’ve been planning to write this article for about two years now - and finally, here it is, including rare pictures of myself. Have a read!


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"J" for jungle jacket!

| Karol Majchrzak |

Those interested in men's fashion are certainly aware of how many garments of men's everyday wardrobe boast a military pedigree. The trench coat, the t-shirt, the khaki colour, field and bomber jackets and many other items have turned "civilian" from the military. Why? There are several reasons for their popularity...


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About the beret

| Franciszek Lewocki |

Throughout the history of fashion and style, many items of clothing have had more or less widespread stereotypes and associations that have influenced the perception of the garment in question - but none can boast as many as a certain inconspicuous piece of headgear - namely the beret.


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Back on the Baltic Coast


This is the continuation of the Poszetka x Mr. Vintage Baltic collection, this time designed with holidays in mind.


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