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"J" for jungle jacket!

"J" for jungle jacket!
Those interested in men's fashion are certainly aware of how many garments of men's everyday wardrobe boast a military pedigree. The trench coat, the t-shirt, the khaki colour, field and bomber jackets and many other items have turned "civilian" from the military. Why? There are several reasons for their popularity.


1. Veterans took the uniforms they used home and wore individual pieces on a daily basis because of their comfort, quality and practicality.

2. From a certain point onwards, the military began to sell off the old uniform sorts, which were particularly appreciated among civilians for their extremely low price and their pragmatic nature.

Then, of course, with cult films such as Rambo, Taxi Driver and Top Gun, many people wanted to look 'cool' and follow in the footsteps of their favourite actors from the big screen. This is when military-inspired clothing originals started to appear in regular shops.

In Poszetka's new autumn collection, you will find an overshirt in a camouflage pattern reminiscent of American woodland. The cut of the overshirt itself is very much reminiscent of US Army uniform shirts from the 1960s/70s. The TCU uniform was modelled on the US Airborne Forces M1942 uniform, and if we compare the two cuts, there are indeed many similarities. Until now, finding originals or even copies has bordered on the miraculous; fortunately, the new Poszetka collection has come to the rescue.
Compared to the original, Poszetka has made some sartorial improvements. The buttons were replaced from plastic ones with ones made from Corzo walnut, and the number of buttons in the pockets was reduced from two to a single one. This has evened out the lines of the pockets, which are now more streamlined. The designers of Poszetka decided to also equip the overshirt with an additional internal pocket, which is a very useful and convenient addition in everyday use. Of course, that's not all, there's a back pleat and a loop by which you can hang the shirt, and at the bottom, on the sides of the shirt, you'll find the characteristic shallow slits.

There is no need to convince those familiar with the topic of its versatility. For others, the shirt's versatility extends from casual to smart casual and can be worn as a casual jacket replacement. It goes with everything: t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, shirts, thin and thick turtlenecks, jeans, chinos or even sartorial gurkha trousers.

In the photos, I have combined it with a caramel shirt, a pocket square tied in the form of a neckerchief and the aforementioned wool flannel gurkha trousers. The whole set is, of course, kept in typically autumnal colours, in which the Poszetka overshirt finds itself perfectly.

The second set is also a military-inspired jacket. In this case a field jacket, modelled on the legendary M65 jacket. The fabric in the brown colour variant is phenomenal, with an extremely soft feel and a slightly suede-like character, which very strongly distinguishes it from other jackets of this type. As you can probably guess, there are a few sartorial touches here too, my favourite of which is the checkered lining reminiscent of the iconic blackwatch tartan.
Despite the jacket's military pedigree, I found the inspiration for the overall composition where many menswear designers look for it in their autumn collections. In classic hunting fashion. If you think of men dressed in tweed, waxed cotton jackets, classic flatcaps, getting out of old Land Rovers, a bright orange is often conspicuous among the browns and greens in their clothes. This is, of course, an element associated with hunting safety, but I think the Challis wool tie, in this particular colour fits exceptionally well with the subdued nature of the overall ensemble. A blue shirt with a flannel-like grip to the fabric and corduroys in an off white colour provide a very graceful backdrop for the orange. Interestingly, this juxtaposition has given me a completely different perspective on the most distinctive Challis wool tie. Definitely my favorite and most interesting 'challis'.

The same is true of many other pieces in Poszetka's autumn collection, which I highly recommend checking out. As usual, the designers have risen to the challenge and each piece, even if it is very distinctive and unique, fits in perfectly with the whole collection and is likely to become an integral part of your wardrobe. Precisely because of its versatility.

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