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Fall '23 Studio Lookbook

| Mateusz Tryjanowski |

Although summer has stayed with us for an exceptionally long time this year, we can't cheat the calendar: quietly, autumn has finally arrived, marking the official release of our FW2023 collection.


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Panama - practical and stylish


Preceded by the sweet scent of flowers and refreshing spring rains, summer is at our doorstep. Along comes the sun and all its hot blessings. It's a good idea to cover your head, if only for the sake of your health and a bit of shade. At the same time you can look good, thanks to a simple yet graceful hat.


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Pajamas - as comfortable as it looks

| |

The idea of wearing classic pajamas, i.e. a shirt with an open collar and trousers of the same material, is considered old-fashioned and rather extravagant. It is a great pity - because this garment is definitely more stylish and not at all inferior in comfort to it's substitutes.


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As Soft As a Camel Hair Jacket

| Mateusz Tryjanowski |

Well, I’ve been planning to write this article for about two years now - and finally, here it is, including rare pictures of myself. Have a read!


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"J" for jungle jacket!

| Karol Majchrzak |

Those interested in men's fashion are certainly aware of how many garments of men's everyday wardrobe boast a military pedigree. The trench coat, the t-shirt, the khaki colour, field and bomber jackets and many other items have turned "civilian" from the military. Why? There are several reasons for their popularity...


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The Questionnaire: The Sartorial Finn
| Sartorial Finn |
I would say that my style is maybe modern classic with casual elements. I do like a bit more fitted jackets and tapered legs on my trousers but still do like higher waisted trousers and longer jackets and I usually stick to pretty basic colors. Also my style has become a bit more casual in the last 6 months incorporating more jeans and crew neck shirts into rotation.
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The Questionnaire: Tomek Godziek

 | Tomasz Godziek |

The integral part of our Everyday Classic blog will be The Questionnaire - a repeating series of questions answered by our special guests. We invite you to read the first episode, starring Tomek Godziek - the person who, together with his beloved wife Asia, established and runs it to this day.

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“Przedwiośnie”: Our Pre-Spring Lookbook

|Mateusz Tryjanowski|

The first glimpse of the incoming spring collection is here - our "Przedwiośnie" early drop will guide you through the transitional season, when it's already too late for cold winter to come back and yet too early to enjoy the proper spring weather.


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Late Fall ‘23 in the Studio: Lookbook

|Mateusz Tryjanowski|

On the occasion of the late autumn supplement to the collection, we invited our team together with Michał Kędziora to the studio to showcase the new products from the FW2023 collection and the limited Baltic Poszetka x Mr.Vintage series.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
I LOVE THE SPORTCOAT, AND THE SHIPPING SPEED WAS EXCELLENT! The problem is me. I'm too large in the chest, but if I size up everything will be too long. So I will need to lose some body fat and it will fit perfect. 5 stars to the team, 4 stars for fit.
Everytihing went very well. I am satisfied whit tho products. Thank. you. :)