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Pajamas - as comfortable as it looks

Pajamas - as comfortable as it looks
For many years, the classic pyjama as a nightwear item has remained an old relict in the minds of common men. Today, most people consider pajamas to be a loose-fitting T-shirt and trousers of indeterminate length made of a different fabric, most often made of stretch such as jersey. Therefore, the idea of wearing classic pajamas, i.e. a shirt with an open collar and trousers of the same material, is considered old-fashioned and rather extravagant. It is a great pity - because this garment is definitely more stylish and not at all inferior in comfort to it's substitutes.

Classic pyjamas are a fairly recent invention, although various forms of nightwear existed long before its adaptation (for example, the long nightshirt). Adapted from traditional lightweight Indian attire and enlisted in colonial homelands, they became a fashionable and exotic garment, at first intended not only for sleeping but mainly for highly informal gatherings or events. Although few men nowadays wear classic pyjamas, their image is widely and universally established in the consciousness and memory of our society, mainly thanks to the medium of cinema.

After all, who is not familiar with the idyllic scene of a middle-aged man after work, sitting by the fireplace reading a book or a newspaper with a lit pipe in his mouth, clad in striped pyjamas and necessarily a cosy dressing gown or a smoking jacket and comfortable slippers? We rarely recreate such outfits ourselves any more, and can attribute this trend to the slow casualisation of every item in our wardrobes.
Let us not admit defeat when it comes to home style however! In addition to the known perks; appearances and good style, those whose interests revolve around tailoring and elegance know well that the sphere of lounge wear outfits is one of the most interesting and at the same time permitting experimentation - creating an interesting and comfortable outfit is simply fun.

Pajamas are sewn from a variety of fabrics, although cotton is most often the main material, and less often silk. In the case of cotton, we are mainly guided by seasonality, so light and airy weaves for summer, such as seersucker. On the other hand, flannel, which is very pleasant to the touch and provides warmth, or more closed and compact weaves, such as plain twill, are often used for the colder seasons. As for patterns, we can find timeless stripes or Scottish checks, from small contrasts to flashy colours. Silk pyjamas, much less common, are undoubtedly a luxury option due to the price and quality of the fabric. Sewn from smooth and lustrous satin, usually in eye-catching small scaled colourful patterns, they are undeniably an experience for senses.

The vast majority of pajamas are finished with contrasting piping, which is very often its distinguishing feature in the fashion world. Pajama shirts are buttoned like regular shirts, but usually the number of buttons is lower and their size is larger. They also often have pockets sewn onto them, usually breast pockets, less often side pockets - a practical element that is always welcome, if only to store glasses, a cigar or a lighter. The collar is most often a camp collar, known to the less initiated, for example, from Hawaiian shirts. Sleeves are usually rolled up and finished straight, without a fastener.

Trousers are usually very simple, possibly even without pockets, buttoned with a button or two or tied with a string. A relatively modern solution are trousers without any fastening at all, with an elastic band. Both pieces of this outfit are tailored in a loose, decidedly non-tight cut - comfort should be our first priority here. In combination with a cosy dressing gown and slippers and a glass of something good and fiery, it is hard to imagine a better and more comfortable outfit for one of the lazy winter mornings.

It's also hard to deny it's solid gift potential, certainly more original than another set of socks.... it's also hard to go wrong with the size, due to the loose-fitting cuts. The pajamas from our collection also go well with the smoking jackets and dressing gowns available, so feel free to experiment and match your outfits!

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