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As Soft As a Camel Hair Jacket

| Mateusz Tryjanowski |

Well, I’ve been planning to write this article for about two years now - and finally, here it is, including rare pictures of myself. Have a read!


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"J" for jungle jacket!

| Karol Majchrzak |

Those interested in men's fashion are certainly aware of how many garments of men's everyday wardrobe boast a military pedigree. The trench coat, the t-shirt, the khaki colour, field and bomber jackets and many other items have turned "civilian" from the military. Why? There are several reasons for their popularity...


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About the beret

| Franciszek Lewocki |

Throughout the history of fashion and style, many items of clothing have had more or less widespread stereotypes and associations that have influenced the perception of the garment in question - but none can boast as many as a certain inconspicuous piece of headgear - namely the beret.


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Smoking Jacket — not just a homewear


The smoking jacket is a largely forgotten article of clothing today. Those older will see with their imagination the inter-war period and even earlier eras and the men present indulging in some well-deserved pleasure after a hard day's work wearing a smoking jacket...


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Probably the best tie in our history

| |

While few of us like the cold season because of the ever-present grey and gloomy aura, let's remember that it's within our power to bring these interesting and colourful blobs into everyday life. So why not in the form of a tie?


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The Questionnaire: The Sartorial Finn
| Sartorial Finn |
I would say that my style is maybe modern classic with casual elements. I do like a bit more fitted jackets and tapered legs on my trousers but still do like higher waisted trousers and longer jackets and I usually stick to pretty basic colors. Also my style has become a bit more casual in the last 6 months incorporating more jeans and crew neck shirts into rotation.
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The Questionnaire: Tomek Godziek

 | Tomasz Godziek |

The integral part of our Everyday Classic blog will be The Questionnaire - a repeating series of questions answered by our special guests. We invite you to read the first episode, starring Tomek Godziek - the person who, together with his beloved wife Asia, established and runs it to this day.

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 Baltic “Studio” Lookbook

 | Mateusz Tryjanowski |

Our collaboration with Michał Kędziora, author of the @Mr.Vintage blog, is inspired by the autumn coast of the Baltic Sea, sleepy resorts and empty beaches that encourage long walks... but definitely require warm clothes.


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Fall '23 Studio Lookbook

| Mateusz Tryjanowski |

Although summer has stayed with us for an exceptionally long time this year, we can't cheat the calendar: quietly, autumn has finally arrived, marking the official release of our FW2023 collection.


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