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The Questionnaire: Karol Majchrzak

The Questionnaire: Karol Majchrzak
It's time for another guest in our questionnaire. You can associate him with the last entry "Power suit before Wall Street" he wrote. Meet Karol Majchrzak

1. Tell us about yourself, what do you do for a living?

It would be easier if it didn't have to be short, as my everyday life is quite complex. I'm a part of the four-man Dandycore team, we usually propagate knowledge and good trends in the area of men's style. As a matter of fact, our new books is going to be released in a few days. Furthermore, recently I've started lecturing image communication students at the Warsaw University. I share my experience and knowledge about methods of customer relations and the creative side of project management. All oriented in the area of communication and marketing.

Additionaly, together with my good friend, we've established a gadget brand inspired by the canadian "Trailer Park Boys" TV series. Canada and USA are close to each other, and as it happens  the USA in general are my biggest and most complex passion. Fashion, history, culture, heritage - most stuff your average guy usually glimpses in Hollywood productions, but doesn't really pay any  attention or understanding to. I share this passion on my YouTube channel.

To finish it off, I take interest in the widely defined film production. From organising the entire production, the set, through scoul and location management, ending with the scenographic support.

As you can see, it's rather hard to put it short.
2. How did your adventure with classic clothing begin?

It's a history that sprouted from hate and evolved to love. Even during my first years of high school I couldn't imagine putting on a buttoned shirt outside of a necessary setting. Soon enough however, final exams came and I was forced to buy my first suit. I've a habit of doing things properly and that was the case with the suit as well. I've started to read the then-popular pioneer fashion blogs, forums and so it snowballed from there. A solid few years were spent on shaping my own classical elegance in my own wardrobe. Later on, the fascination about the USA has left it's mark as well and here I am now, with my own style that you can view on my instagram.

3. How do you usually dress? Do you have a set style you like and stick to?

The two styles closest to my heart and worn most often are workwear/heritage and preppy. Both as american as possible, yet quite different when it comes to social origins. Nevertheless in both of those cases I'm fairly consistent in keeping the '50 to '80 look. The roots of those styles reaching deep through factory workers to prestigious collegeboys, have a lot of incredibly unique solutions, both so attractive that I couldn't pick just one.

Nevertheless, both are characterised by being a golden mean between comfort, practicality and the overall looks.

4. Your favourite type of garment?

Definitely jackets, I could have an unreasonable amount of jackets and still want more. As long as they differ a little when it comes to details, fabric, the history. The funny bit is I don't see overcoats like that at all, they all seem the same to me.
5. Your favourite pair of shoes?

Penny loafers - I love them for their great versatility and the casual air they add to the whole outfit. Even between wildly contrasting sets they are the most "elastic" shoes, and they still look good in the less obvious outfits.

6. Your favourite piece of clothing?

Sky blue OCBD shirt - if I were to pick one, absolutely one item it would be an oxford shit. A bit like a multitool, with which I don't part at all, it has a great deal many uses and excels in all of them.

7. The garment you dream of?

A Stetson hat that would work with my face. I consider fitting a hat to a person one of the most difficult things when it comes to dressing oneself. I believe though, that the long planned trip to USA will fill that empty space in my wardrobe.

8. Who is your biggest style icon/inspiration?

Currently (will probably remain so too) it's Robert Spangle, whom you can know on instagram as @thousandyardstyle. The whole personality, his story and the path he went are incredibly fascinating. His lifestyle and his own, functional and unique personal style cannot be copied. Sometimes the things he shows look like still movie shoots, hard to believe it's his everyday reality.

9. List three favourite, most inspiring accounts on IG.

Not counting the upper favourite, Robert, these would be accounts that have the sense of personal style well defined, the men behind them not afraid to mix differenty styles or contrasting aesthetics.


10. What do you like about Poszetka the most?

For the fact that it can always surprise you. With every new collection Poszetka releases, I can be almost sure that you will offer us something no one else in Poland can. And the best thing? You will do it spot on. Another great thing is that Poszetka can and does steer from the "classical elegance" trope and show bits of other styles as well. That's why the brand became truly unique and not your next average suit and tie sellers. Even the suits have that special little something in them.

11. What is your favourite Poszetka product? What would you recommend to others?

Currently it's the double breasted blazer. Ideal in every aspect. From the fabric, through the cut, ending on the buttons. A thing as simple as a navy jacket with metal buttons and soft construction should be a must in any other brand catering itself as elegant, but it isn't. Now, the Poszetka blazer establishes a standard that all the others will have to match if they want to make a jacket half as good as this one.

12. Any hobbies besides clothing?

Not to mention USA again, music ranks quite high among my interests. In this case my tastes are even more eclectic and extreme than the clothing ones. I love to dwell on the tone, analyse the texts, attend live shows. It's something I live for. Ever since high school I return to the more analytical hobbies, like philosophy and theoretising just for sport.

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