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Poszetka Team: 2023 Gift Guide

Poszetka Team: 2023 Gift Guide
This year, we based our gift guide on our team's choices. We asked Beniamin, Paweł, Asia, Tomek and Mateusz what they would choose as a gift - for themselves or for their loved ones, for Christmas, for the upcoming festive season. We didn't impose rules; some reveal their wishes and purchases directly, others have more general recommendations for you.

Beniamin - pragmatic approach:

When I received the message that we were to collect our team’s gift suggestions altogether, in one article, I immediately thought: great, finally a perfect opportunity to promote a pragmatic approach!

This year, just like in previous years, my parents will receive gifts from Poszetka. Dad, due to his job, has an almost endless need for all kinds of classic shirts, so he will surely find one under the Christmas tree - I have already chosen a Classic White Shirt (with a spread collar) for him. It will come with a warm scarf - because the previous one, gifted to him 4 years ago, was lost and he can't be left without one risking catching a cold (but he has to survive December somehow). I chose the wool and cashmere version for him, which is softer and cozier when worn. Maybe this time he won't lose it.

My mother will be able to add one more women’s scarf to her collection - fortunately, she likes wearing them very much, so just like with my dad's shirts, so she can never have too many! I chose the Bauhaus Scarf because she doesn’t have any square wool scarves in her wardrobe yet and the Bauhaus-inspired pattern is in my opinion simply beautiful and - most importantly - extremely versatile; this year the choice was simple.

Now it's my turn! I like classic and simple design - especially from the 70s and 80s, often represented in the movies - so what I would most like to get is... The Lego Star Wars Tie Bomber. My girlfriend has already received enough tips to know that this would be the best gift for me, but I'll leave it here too, just to be sure.


Paweł - for himself:

This year I asked my girlfriend for a Navy Flannel Shirt for Christmas. I am a huge fan of such shirts and every year I get (or buy) a similar model, but in a different shade. Their versatility and thermal comfort - amazing. After adding the navy blue one to my wardrobe, I will have almost the entire color range I need!

Another gift - from me, for me: Suede Brown Chukka Boots, my discovery of the year. The suede is incredibly pleasant and adapts perfectly to the foot and after spraying them with a protector they are my first choice for a tough winter weather. The form of these shoes is so universal that I can easily dress them up or down, depending on the day. However, I didn't wait for Christmas; I've already unwrapped this gift and, in fact, I'm wearing it right now!


Asia - for the family:

I think in sets; I usually compose gifts from several elements that together make for a coherent whole!

First of all, for my dad: I would choose a set of pajamas (perhaps with a dressing gown, I'll think about it), socks (a classic gift, but I know they will be useful to him!) and a nice mug (from Poszetka Concept). I always associate festive season with coziness and homely atmosphere - that's why anything that can warm you up and add even more warmth to the magic of Christmas is a good gift option.

Secondly: in our family there is a tradition that after Christmas Eve dinner (spent in a small group), we meet with the whole family, 40 people. We give each other gifts - small, but always something. This year I'm trying to prepare something bigger for my uncle and aunt who are organizing this meeting. I'm thinking about getting a set of a women’s scarf and a pocket square, perhaps from the same pattern... or a different one, with my aunt in mind, because eventually she will be able to use the 40x40 cm pocket square; I again encourage women to steal this accessory from their partners' wardrobes and tie it around their necks. I will definitely add a DoriMelu candle to their gift, which has some depth, not only in terms of scent - it comes with a card that nicely describes the intention to expand love, which also reminds me of the holidays.

And for myself? I could use a gift card. I prefer to make decisions myself and choose what I really miss and need!


Tomek - the one thing:

At first I didn't pay attention to it, even though it tried to seduce me, but I was tough and adamant... because why would I need another tie? Finally, I put it on for a shoot and never gave it back - a brown wool challis tie, with an abstract “Saturn” pattern, as I like to call it. It goes with everything: with a navy blue jacket and jeans it's a sure thing, a blue OCBD shirt (probably everyone has one) links with the planets’ circles and beige adds a nice and bright pop of color. There is nothing more that needs to be written about the lightness or quality of the fabric, it is the Premier League of the ties.

I bought it for myself, I would buy it for anyone who ever wears a tie. Additional argument? Wool challis ties hold their price very well on the secondary market, so you may call it a bond or an investment in a safe gift!

[ok, the team told me, that one idea is not enough… so let me add something]

Can there be a gift that is repeated every year but never gets boring and ALWAYS surprises?!

In my family, yes! For many years, they have known that there is something that always ends up under the Christmas tree and hits the same every time. It starts with selecting photos on my phone - I'm one of those who tries to save every moment of my life, so I have a large collection of these and trying to do the TOP 150 of the year list takes me quite a few hours - and then I have to design an album using them. I use ManetBook - no, this is not an advertisement, Mrs. Magda saved me from trouble many times, thank you! - it is not an ordinary photo book, it is more of a thick album that shows the chronicle of a given year covering the life of my whole family, printed on traditional high-quality photographic paper. You can play with the form as much as you want: number of photos on the page, cover, background. The paper is resistant to scratches, pages are stiff and we can open them flat if needed.

By the length of the recommendation, you can guess how excited I am about this idea - it's a gift for my whole family, so I'm making it for myself too!


Mateusz - no divisions:

For me, a good gift is something that can be described as "the recipient wouldn’t buy it for himself, but he will definitely need it once he gets it."

With this in mind, I'm preparing a gift for my wife - she often complains that she doesn't know where to buy nice clothes (like the ones from my closet, haha), so this year, instead of explaining where to shop for good things, I decided to take action myself. She'll get a Shetland sweater for Christmas, because it's a real classic... and unisex garment. She's probably already guessing what I'm planning so I'm not afraid to reveal the idea, but I won't say exactly which one it will be - at least let the color remain a surprise!

In general, sweaters are a good and underrated gift idea. Not only is it a practical thing, but many people are reluctant to buy a decent, more expensive sweater. It's surprisingly easy to choose the right size, so you can take such a risk.

In addition: books. For yourself and for others; I love giving and receiving them as gifts. I have a rule that I try to collect a list of the books throughout the year which I call "I would like to have it, but I don't need it now" - later, when someone asks me for a gift suggestion, I have ready-made ideas at hand. Every year I expand my library this year, highly recommended!


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