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Looking For the Perfect OCBD

Looking For the Perfect OCBD

Our love for OCBD shirts is nothing new. However, this season, we have made some improvements to our signature cut, adding a few new details that make it even better. Let's dive into it!

In this article, we won't delve too deep into the oxford-cloth-button-down story, as we have already covered it extensively here. Instead, we would like to highlight a few features that make our shirts special, especially for menswear enthusiasts like us.


We have been obsessing over the details of OCBDs (you could say we have an OCD when it comes to OCBDs!) for a few years now, constantly looking for the perfect one. And by perfect, we mean perfect for our needs and in line with our philosophy. An Everyday Classic principle example maybe?

We appreciate Ivy League style, but we didn't want to create a trad shirt. We admire the Japanese approach of reproducing the true original garment, but we have our own way of designing products. We are glad to see new #menswear brands experimenting with collar shapes, but we would not risk to go overboard with exaggerated details.


So again, we had to do things our way.

This season’s Poszetka OCBDs are different, but not drastically so when compared to their predecessors. It's an evolution rather than a revolution, as the old saying goes.

We started with the collar. While we kept our signature shape (we believe that any changes to the points’ length or buttons’ position would do it more bad than good), we decided to make it unlined. This gives it a soft shape and a natural, lively roll.


We also chose not to fuse the cuffs. On top of that, we gathered the sleeve into the cuff with shirring instead of pleats.

Additionally, we incorporated a few tried and tested OCBD features: a pocket, a placket, and a box pleat, finished off with a locker loop.

The weight of the cloth also plays a role in the overall look. This time, we opted for a heavier-than-usual cotton oxford, which helps all the aforementioned details truly stand out. Yes, they would still look good in a lighter fabric, but the thicker, beefy ones are our favourite!


Altogether, we believe we have finally achieved the perfect OCBD that we were looking for - at least for now.

Rest assured, you can expect more of these casual OCBDs in our future collections… and perhaps a few more tweaks to the cut along the way, who knows?

However, before you ask: yes, these are different from the three OCBDs (white, blue, and sky blue stripe) that are part of our permanent collection. The classics are more business-appropriate and tie-friendly, featuring a lightly lined collar, no placket, no pocket, and no box pleat. But that's a different story, which we can save for later. The point is that there is a right place and time for both!


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