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Dressing Up for Your Wedding: SS2024

Dressing Up for Your Wedding: SS2024

You can treat this as a lookbook supplement - although we have already included several proposals suitable for a wedding there, it is definitely a topic that deserves a separate article, especially during the summer season!

The truth is that for many people nowadays, a wedding is one of the handful opportunities to fully dress up during the hot summer. For a small handful of enthusiasts, it is a pleasure; for the rest, it is rather a duty - but not necessarily unpleasant, as you can make the right choice to look both good and comfortable at the same time.

Therefore, for our spring-summer collection, as every year, we have prepared many pieces that can be used as a basis for wedding attire...


…but not only that, because we prefer to stick to the versatile choices whose use is not limited to one day. Clean forms, timeless cuts, and simple, but not boring classics - no weird tuxedo-like suits, colorful twists on morning dress, or ornamental fabrics.

Now just imagine that our Paweł (pictured) is the groom, getting married soon, trying on suits and jackets from our SS2024 collection. What would we recommend him to go with?


Oh, before we begin, we should add that we'll be skipping the Classics today as we've already written about them many times; all of you probably know that a classic suit in navy blue or gray is, well... a classic. Such a suit will work great, especially for a traditional, elegant wedding; If you are convinced that you should be getting one, then there is no point in arguing.

But it's different if you feel like experimenting.


Let's start with our Solaro suit, which is all about the unusual color: it's supposed to be navy blue, it's supposed to be green, it's both at the same time!

There is no doubt about navy blue’s versatility, but what about the green? It’s a tricky color; we’ve noticed that many grooms are eager to choose it (especially for those boho style weddings), but it is easy to do the wrong choice and end up with a suit that looks cheap and, well… very foresty, in a wrong way.

Fortunately, this one doesn’t resemble any kind of masking uniform: there is a noble shine to the surface and the green serves as just the background, peeking through the navy blue. The fabric woven by Fratelli Tallia di Delfino has a silky feel and is a rather luxurious proposition).

Such a suit will look beautiful with a classic, snow-white shirt and minimalist accessories - a smooth grenadine tie (both in golden-brown “ceremonial” shades and a calm, dark navy blue) and black shoes. It's simply elegant!


Speaking of green tones - there is the other green suit, in a shade of sage. According to some, this color also resembles pistachio ice cream.

It's a lovely shade that's rarely mentioned around - which is a pity! It suits various complexions and skin tones. Also, paradoxically it is a color that is closer to the canon of classic suits than the recently fashionable bottle green; such subdued, slightly pastel, grayish-green tones have been long present in summer men's fashion. And no, we don't just mean the times when Armani and Miami Vice were in fashion; we are talking about an even earlier era, dating back to the 1950s and 1930s.

Our sage will work well both as a wedding suit (perhaps with a beige printed linen tie and a white shirt, very dignified), and then, in less formal circumstances: in business (striped shirt, dark tie, a classic!) and chic casual (with a knitted T-shirt or a polo shirt.


Another not-so-classic classic: the Prince of Wales check suit.

A well-known and elegant pattern, but done in a summer fabric - a mix of wool and linen. Thermal comfort is one thing (open weave and linen content help in hot weather), but aesthetics is another. The matte texture of the material beautifully enlivens the gray, and the slight rumpling of the linen (although tamed by the wool) removes somewhat stiff and formal associations.

It is a suit for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies - in the first version we imagine it as on Paweł, with a white shirt and a grenadine tie (not necessarily in burgundy, go with your favorite tone); in the second version, rather like on Tomek, without a tie, with an unbuttoned pastel shirt open. Many, many other combinations would do; after all, it's still a gray (summer) suit, only with a check pattern.


Something else? White sportcoat!

Our tribute to the proven tropical tuxedo formula, but in a modern version. Why? Because for many, going full-on tropical tuxedo for a wedding would be a bad choice - firstly, there will be those orthodox #menswear guys that would tell you when and where you can and cannot wear it; secondly, just ask yourself a question… how often would you be wearing a white tuxedo jacket in moderate climate?!

That is why, in our opinion, it might be better to recreate the scheme using more versatile elements. The combination of very dark trousers with a very light jacket, based on the principle of inverted contrast, is always very spectacular - and when you add black accessories and a snow-white shirt, it’s simply wow.

Our take on that: cream jacket, white shirt, black bow tie (but made of grenadine rather than silk satin), black trousers (but not tuxedo pants, no piping), black loafers (definitely not patent leather!). Also - you could replace your trousers with graphite ones, especially if you already have them in your wardrobe. Climbing down the ladder formality ladder even further, go with a white linen shirt, more summer-y and not so crisp.

Even further, moving away from the tropical tuxedo-like theme, you can replace the bow tie with a tie. And so, experimenting with the shirt and shoes, you can create a version of the outfit for a really informal wedding, perhaps even for a wedding guest, not necessarily the groom.

And following this line of thought... after the wedding, you will be left with a light, summer, versatile sportcoat again. A tropical tuxedo can't do that!


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