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(Early) Summer in the City: a Postcard from Katowice

(Early) Summer in the City: a Postcard from Katowice

When seemingly everyone left the city and run for the countryside, we took the opportunity to spend a relaxing afternoon in Katowice, strolling around, enjoying our drinks, local food and friendly conversations well into the night.

Every year, May 1st (Labor Day) and May 3rd (Constitution Day), along with the adjacent weekends, unofficially mark the start of the holiday season here in Poland. People obsess over their barbecues, picnics, and garden parties, always keeping their fingers crossed for the weather to be as sunny and hot as possible.

This year, the weather conditions certainly met everyone’s expectations. After just a brief spell of warmth in early April and a chilly, damp spring that haunted the rest of the month, our "Majówka," the long May weekend, brought in early summer in full swing. It was surely the time to be out; definitely not in.


Although we understand the urge to leave the city for a field trip as soon as possible, we also love spending time outdoors in the city, strolling through half-empty streets bathed in sunlight. Such weather makes everything seem better, not just nature!

So, we kicked off the weekend not with a trip, but with a well-spent day in Katowice (staycation, anyone?), having fun... and snapping a few grainy, not necessarily in-focus pictures with an old Zenit 12XP, USSR-made analog camera, on 35mm film in the process.



Unfortunately, Tomek recently sprained his ankle and had to rely on crutches...

...but that didn't stop him from being a little enthusiastic about ice hockey, even if it was just a poster of his favorite GKS Katowice team, displayed on the side of the Satellite, their home turf.

To understand the enthusiasm, read here.


I, Mateusz, took on the role of photographer for the day, so there aren't many photos of myself...
...and those that exist are usually out of focus. I wouldn't point a finger at the author; operating a fully manual (settings AND focus) camera in the smartphone age isn't easy!

Luckily, Karolina (privately, my wife) joined us on the walk to accompany Tomek, so there's proof that there were more than just one person there, ha!
Looking good in her new Summer Uniform, I must add.

Tomek, on the other hand, opted for a proper suit - he wore his newest MTM commission, cut from heavy Irish linen in a shade of forest green.
Leaving the Koszutka district, passing the famous Spodek, we hopped on a tram to conveniently transport ourselves to the very center of the city.

Naturally, we took a few spontaneous tram portraits on the way.

A well-dressed public transport aficionado.
Our journey led us to Absurdalna, Katowice’s institution for good beer.
The interior is nice, with at least a few interesting, communist-age posters...
...but no matter how good the setting could be, this day called for a cold one al fresco.

Tomek’s jacket came off, revealing our summer workshirt. The sun truly brings out all the details and bits!
Meanwhile, the lightweight seersucker kept Karolina cool; this fabric feels (and looks!) great in the heat.
And I know what I’m saying; I wore such a jacket myself, paired with a cotton/linen popover and a bandana.

We could have sat and chatted forever, but we had to go and grab some food, performing a quick film change on the run.

On our way to Żurownia, we took a few last photos as the sun was setting.

Unfortunately, we do not have any food pictures to share as the lighting was definitely too dark (and us too hungry to really think about it, perhaps) - but if you ever happen to be in Katowice, go there. That is the best place to go for the traditional-but-modern Silesian cuisine!

On our way to Żurownia, we snapped a few last photos as the sun set.

Unfortunately, we don't have any food pictures to share as the lighting was too dark (and we were too hungry to really think about it, perhaps) - but if you ever happen to be in Katowice, go there. It's the best place for traditional-but-modern Silesian cuisine!


As night fell, it was time to go home - happy and full of joy (and good food), of course.

See you!


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