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The Questionnaire XIV: Paweł Kupras

The Questionnaire XIV: Paweł Kupras

Meet Paweł, new member of #poszetkateam Katowice. What is his style like and what is his favorite pair of shoes? Who is his style icon and who is he inspired by? You will find the answers to these, and more questions in the new questionnaire in our Everyday Classic blog.
1. Tell us about yourself, what do you do for a living?
On a daily basis, I manage the Poszetka store in Katowice. I've been working in retail for solid 5 years and it's a career path I feel very at home with (some of you might remember me from the Loake store in Katowice, in which I've worked for quite a while). It is my job to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the store, and I do my best to keep it that way ;) One of my most important tasks is helping and giving advice to our customers. Apart from that, ensuring the logistics and proper flow of products between the store and the warehouse. It's hard to believe, but I really like to have everything sorted nicely in the binders ;)

2. How did your adventure with classic clothing begin?
Basically, everything began with a waistcoat that I've been gifted by my girlfriend. I was still miles away from a shirt and a suit. I've used to dress mostly in black, sport long hair and listen to classic rock - still do. It all lasted until the day I've seen the Great Gatsby starring DiCaprio. Something clicked in my head back then, and I've started coupling my waistcoat with various other accesories. And so it all began...
3. How do you usually dress? Do you have a set style you like and stick to?
I like typical british fabrics a lot, usually coupled with italian cut and light construction (fortunately enough Poszetka offers a lot of those) I'm partial to breaking some of the rules as well - baseball cap and ulster overcoat? Why not ;) The two most important things for me are that the whole outfit is coherent and comfortable - those are the bits I value the most. I think that Poszetka has a special thing that attracts people similar to me. I keep noticing it in people I work with, their style and tastes.

4. Your favourite type of garment?
Loake has left a huge impression on me - it's shoes. I've almost 20 pairs of goodyear welted shoes, and looking at some of our current offer now, I'm still tempted to get more... Fortunately enough the need isn't as pressing as it used to be and I'm able to stop myself.
5. Your favourite pair of shoes?
I love monkstrap shoes and they're the ones I used the most. My most comfortable pair however, is a pair of suede Meermins, visible on the photo.

6. Your favourite piece of clothing?
An incredibly tough question. I have a lot. However before I put anything on in the morning, I snap a watch on my wrist. It just has to be an automatic diving watch - after I put it on, I feel I'm ready for what the day has in store.
7. The garment you dream of?
I've had a lovely Moon's tweed jacket, which I've outgrown. I managed to find the same fabric, so the only thing to do now is to comission a three piece!

8. Who is your biggest style icon/inspiration?
I try to take inspiration from many people. The first one that springs to my mind with his style, smile, joy and light clothing is Luca Rubinacci. You can see that he's honest and passionate about what he's doing. I really like his direct style. Maybe it's just an image created through social media, but I do believe he is a nice guy and dresses the way he does because he likes to, not becuase he has to.
9. List three favourite, most inspiring accounts on IG.
Apart from the one I've already talked about, I'm afraid I'm not too original. The following gentlemen do spectacular work:

10. What do you like about Poszetka the most?
For the handy mixutre of classic patterns and everyday comfort. The design of the clothes as well as the accesories find a nice niche in the wardrobe of a modern man.
Ps. Sounds touche but I really think so ;)
11. What is your favourite Poszetka product? What would you recommend to others?
The overcoats are really something. I don't think you can find anything better in Poland for the price. You can see it in the pictures. The very thought of wearing it makes me smile ;) I feel great wearing it and even though I hate winter, I never feel like taking the coat off. I'm ready for all the blizzards!
12. Any hobbies besides clothing?
My hobbies include watches, traditional pipe smoking and films. I do make the occasional use of my PlayStation ;)

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