That Flecked Fabric, Donegal Tweed.

Everyone associates tweed with the British Isles. For many, its synonym is the famous Harris Tweed, originally from the Scottish Outer Hebrides, of strictly protected origin. Fewer people know that it has a somewhat less known, but equally characteristic cousin in Ireland - the Donegal Tweed.

Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski

Like Harris Tweed, real Donegal Tweed must be coming from a strictly specified place. This place is Donegal County in the north of the Republic of Ireland (and therefore outside Great Britain!), where for decades this rough and robust fabric has been woven, mainly by local people, often still on hand looms at their homes.

Donegal Tweed z Irlandii

The distinctive feature of Donegal Tweed is the characteristic salt and pepper texture - you can see close up that the color of the fabric is not uniform and on its surface there are numerous multi-colored dots, very often in bright, strong tones. Unlike scottish tweed, these colorful variations do not merge into an earthy melange, but remain contrasting and stand out, allowing you to easily recognize this irish cloth.

Donegal Tweed detal

It should be mentioned that nowadays fabrics that look this way, having a characteristic flecked texture, are also made by italian mills - these are, however, the cloths only inspired by Donegal, often not even having a rough hand. In a sense, it is a modern alternative to a traditional tweed, but with a slightly less romantic story of origin (large mills instead of small workshops and manual looms) and obviously without the rights to the Donegal Tweed name, due to the different place of origin and different raw materials used for production.

But returning to Ireland - it is worth adding that currently the oldest of the companies still weaving Donegal Tweed, Magee, is over 150 years old! And although it has been introducing mechanical looms since the 1970s, part of their offer is still traditional, hand-woven at home tweed and the last stage of finishing for all the fabrics is bathing in the waters of the Eske River.

Granatowy Donegal Tweed

Choć pierwotna gama kolorów Donegalu oscylowała wokół tych, które można było łatwo uzyskać za pomocą lokalnie zbieranych, naturalnych barwników, obecnie jest ona znacznie szersza i zawiera również te bardziej “miejskie” barwy. Szczególnie pięknie i efektownie prezentują się te tkaniny, w których kolor tła jest głęboki i poważny, a kropki mocno kontrastowe i żywe. Doskonałym przykładem może być tu Donegal w granacie. Ten wydawać by się mogło nudny kolor łatwo przełamać szczyptą kontrastu - na przykład czerwonymi kropkami - nie osiągając przy tym efektu przesady czy przesycenia. Although the original range of Donegal's colors oscillated around those that could easily be obtained with locally harvested, natural dyes, it is now much wider and includes those more "urban" colors. Especially impressive and attractive are the fabrics in which the background color is deep and serious, with the dots very contrasting and vivid. A perfect example is Donegal in navy. This seemingly boring color can be easily animated with a pinch of contrast - for example, red dots - without going overboard and becoming too striking.

W obecnej kolekcji Poszetki znalazła się marynarka wykonana z takiej tkaniny, pochodzącej od Magee. To klasyczna, ale bardzo ciekawa propozycja, która łączy w sobie cechy i uniwersalność granatowego blezera i tweedowej marynarki, pomijając przy tym część wad - nie będzie tak “zwykła” i nudna jak gładki granat, nie będzie też “dziadkowa” i wizualnie ciężka jak tradycyjne tweedy. The current Poszetka Autumn/Winter collection includes a jacket made of such fabric woven by Magee. This is a classic, but very interesting proposition that combines the features and versatility of a navy blue blazer and tweed jacket, overcoming some disadvantages of the both - it will not be as ordinary and boring as plain navy, it will not be such "old-man-looking" and visually heavy as a traditional tweed.

Marynarka Donegal Tweed

Ta marynarka może spokojnie stanowić część zestawu koordynowanego ze spodniami z szarej flaneli i krawatem, ale także bardzo polubi się z grubymi swetrami, dżinsami i sztruksem. Od września do kwietnia, rok w rok, sumiennie będzie wypełniać swoją rolę - w końcu prawdziwy tweed to tkanina na lata. Ciekawy wzór i historia to tylko dodatkowe zalety! This jacket can easily become a part of the so-called menswear unform with gray flannel pants and a tie, but it will also be compatible with thick sweaters, jeans and corduroy. From September to April, year after year, it will faithfully fulfill its role - after all, real tweed is a fabric for years. An interesting design and history are just fancy extras!

tweed i flanela zestaw koordynowany donegal
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Hello there ! Well, it was the first time I ordered a clothe feom your brand on your website, and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied by the quality of you service. Now let's write some note about the blazer. I'm very pleased to finnally having one piece of this kind, and this one is really good designed. But it's a close fitting cut, so I should be careful with my waist size in the future ! Anyway, thank you Poszetka and see you soon for a next purchase !
The size guide is useful while the description and the photos helped me to do my choice. Thanks again for proposing clothings of classic/sartorial style. I would have loved to have a Poszetka "at home" in France. Hopefully one day you become big enough to get stores in Europe
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