PRELOOKBOOK: Spring/Summer 2021

Preorder + Lookbook = PreLookbook. Simple, isn't it? Apparently so, and yet you can say that this concept is something new. Well, we will not cheat that in March we already have a beautiful and hot summer here in Poland - that's why we will save the proper lookbook until a bit later, and now we invite you to the studio, for our new pre-lookbook.


While lookbooks are usually very oriented towards the vibe of the collection (which you do not necessarily have to share), studio photos are more neutral. You could say that they are more product-focused - and therefore help in choosing and getting to know a given item of clothing better.

The time will come to put the clothes into the wider context, but at the time of a preorder purchase (especially during the lockdown we are having again), the most important thing to know is how it really looks. What color is it, what it goes well with - well-thought-out stylizations in good lighting are much more helpful there. You can safely bet how this garment will match your style and your wardrobe.

Therefore, this time we approached the photography of our collection in two stages - at the beginning, we invite you to the PRELOOKBOOK, thanks to which you will get to know all its elements better and make the right decisions in the preorder phase. However, soon, at the turn of April and May, when your orders will start to ship, we will also show you a more traditional LOOKBOOK, which shows the clothes in a wider context - and trust us, this year we are preparing something truly special. ;)

But now, without further ado - Poszetka Spring/Summer 2021 PRELOOKBOOK. Enjoy!

wiosna/lato 2021 niespodzianka

9 pairs of trousers, 5 sportcoats, 5 suits, 2 casual jackets and ... 1 surprise. But let's leave that one for the end.

In short: we have maintained the pace and prepared our biggest (yet) collection for you.

This time, everything revolves around delicate, pastel tones. Even classic colors are slightly "distorted" this way. This makes the jacket or even the entire suit less "business" and more "casual" in color - and yet it still matches the same classic elements. The versatility is at least the same, if not greater! This is the tailoring we need for 2021.


Let's start with these - as usual, the whole collection revolves around them.

błękitna marynarka błękitny hopsack wełna/len

Something fresh to start with, this year's novelty - a light blue jacket, not completely smooth, made of wool-silk hopsack with an interesting texture. In terms of color, it may not replace a 100% navy blue blazer, but it goes better with all kinds of bright, summer colors and lightweight cloths. It is joyful, Italian, but not in an exaggerated way - this proposal will look just as good in the Northern-European rainy spring!

And while the word "blazer" was already mentioned...

letnia marynarka w pasy pasiasty tradycyjny blezer

...let's already reveal that also this time a jacket like this has landed in our collection. A one that refers to the long tradition of blazers - but in a slightly bolder, "rowing blazer" form. We have already mentioned on the blog that this garment derives from university traditions, and in addition to the classic navy (often combined with a crest), they were made in bolder colors, e.g. red, but also striped fabrics woven in a specific university or organization color combo. We decided to refer to the latter custom.

And what, apart from history, does connect a navy blue blazer with a striped one? Versatility! This blazer may seem very bold, but in fact it is very easy to combine with other colors, partly due to the individual colors used in the pattern. It is all helped by the fact that we cut this model from lightweight Cerruti wool with the (10%) addition of silk, with an ultra-light construction.

letnia marynarka w pepitę wełna/jedwab Marling & Evans

We must undoubtedly mention the "versatile" term also in the case of this houndstooth check, which combines gray, navy blue and brown. Could there be a more classic trio in men's fashion?

This is a jacket for those who need an interesting pattern and texture (and as it is a mix of wool and silk almost equally in half, this one is really rich), but at the same time as easy to combine with other things as an "ordinary", plain jacket.

Matching trouser colours: all of them.

letnia marynarka w kratę Księcia Walii kraciasta marynarka z tkaniny Ferla

For the pattern lovers, we also have this special sportcoat: Prince of Wales check, cut from the linen, silk, wool and cotton cloth by the Italian Ferla weaving mill, with a brilliant hand. When you touch it, you know it.

ultralekka zielona marynarka marynarka z kory wełnianej Cerruti

And the last jacket from the collection - an ultra-light jacket made of wool seersucker by Cerruti in a deep, bottle-green shade of green.

Last year we had a whole seersucker (but cotton) suit for you, this time we prepared only a jacket, but what kind! Wool woven in this way is extremely rare, which is a pity, because the texture, airiness and comfort are at the highest level. We recommend trying it in practice, this hand couldn't be imitated.

ultralekka marynarka
ultralekki garnitur letni garnitur wełna/len cerruti

However, if a breathable jacket alone is not enough, we have something more.

ultralekki garnitur indygo garnitur bez konstrukcji

It is a summer, ultra-light wool suit with a small addition of linen (again from Cerruti) in an unusual shade of navy blue, twisting towards indigo, with brighter spots. Definitely casual, but egually good with a t-shirt and with a tie!

And, staying within the topic of suits - two proposals that we have dubbed "boho wedding, but with a good taste". Those suits will be both suitable for the recently fashionable boho-style weddings and everyday wear (complete or in parts), also to the office. No unnecessary frills, just great fabrics in the right colors.

brązowy trzyczęściowy garnitur w kratę garnitur boho z kamizelką

A three-piece suit in brown Prince of Wales tropical woolen by Marling & Evans.

ciemnozielony garnitur zielony garnitur boho

A dark green suit in lightweight Angelico wool.


For those who need something a bit more formal: two big returns and one debut.

szary garnitur z tropiku garnitur Portofino na 2,5 guzika

The light gray "Portofino" suit with a 2.5 button closure is back.

granatowy garnitur dwurzędowy garnitur Clark

The same goes for our double-breasted bestseller, navy blue "Clark" from the all-year-round Vitale Barberis Canonico wool.

garnitur dwurzędowy w pepitę szara dwurzędówka

And "the new one" - versatile gray houndstooth double breasted suit made of VBC tropical wool.

We've made these trousers also available separately. They will perfectly match your summer navy blazer!


And as we are talking about the trousers, there are a lot of them! 9 in total, starting with thest 2 pairs in versatile wool:

beżowe wełniane spodnie beżowe spodnie z zakłądkami

Beige - a more formal alternative to chino.

niebieskie wełniane spodnie spodnie petrol blue

Petrol blue - a great summer color.

spodnie lniano-bawełniane z zakładkami

Now the linen (combined with just a bit of cotton) - available in 3 colours.

szare spodnie z lnu i bawełny spodnie lniano-bawełniane szarość

Light gray.

fioletowe spodnie z lnu i bawełny spodnie lniano-bawełniane fuksja


zielone spodnie z lnu i bawełny spodnie lniano-bawełniane zieleń

Delicate, gray-ish green.

lniany sztruks beż beżowe spodnie z lnianego sztruksu

And something truly unique - linen/cotton summer corduroy by Solbiati.

We've made trousers out of it in two colours: sand beige (with a turn-up)...

granatowe spodnie z lnianego sztruksu lniany sztruks granat

...and "washed" navy, with a ribbed cuff.

lniany sztruks spodnie z lnianego sztruksu

Both pairs have a string waist (but tied inside, not outside, for a more classic look).

brązowe joggery spodnie joggery z brązowej dzianiny Angelico

There are also "true" joggers in our collection - cut from a mid-weight brown Angelico cotton jersey.

We do not force you to combine them with a sportcoat, but we say that you can. Certainly, they will look good with a casual jacket or an overshirt, e.g. our safari, as suggested in the photos.

lniane safari beżowa kurtka safari

Yes, we couldn't possibly ommit this garment in our collection.

We can say that this is the most "safari" safari we have done so far. We chose sand-colored linen from the Solbiati mill - actually a linen crepe, a rather heavy fabric (by modern standards, because it is “only” 380g), but very airy, springy and quite crease-resistant. Something brilliant for a frequently used outerwear - you can wear our safari all spring, summer and fall, and it will still remain in shape.

granatowy field jacket letni field jacket z tropiku

Continuing the outerwear theme - the new field jacket, summer version.

granatowa kurtka militarna M65 z wełnianego tropiku

We've made it out of wool (with a small addition of silk) from Vitale Barberis Canonico, light and loosely woven. Contrary to the model we've debuted last year, we stripped it of the lining and the zipper, which are not really useful in summer. The rest of the details remain the same - spacious pockets, a drawstring at the waist, pleats in the back. Classic military cut in a refreshed and civilized form.

Yes, this is the end of our men's collection PRELOOKBOOK, but ...

We've prepared a bonus...

letnia marynarka damska

Especially for all the ladies out there - for the first time in our history, a women's jacket!

damska marynarka Poszetka damska marynarka w pepitę Loro Piana

Cut from a summer blend of wool, silk and linen, by the legendary Loro Piana mill, woven in multi-colored houndstooth check.

letnia marynarka dla pań Poszetka dla Pań

We hope that all ladies will like them as much as Asia does. Women's jackets made of such fabrics, in such quality, are a rarity and something that has so far been lacking on the market. We plan to change it!

Let's start with this jacket and wait for the more to come...

Thank you, bye!

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