10th Anniversary Trivia, Part I

We continue the topic of the Poszetka 10th birthday and so we invite you to read some interesting facts from our history! We divided the topic into two parts - in the first one, we mention our beginnings, several (sometimes surprising!) publications, exceptional (for many reasons) photo sessions and important places. Read further.


Although we have already told you about how it all began, there will always be details and stories that we have not mentioned at all or said not enough about. Time to begin:

1. The creator of the brand and its success.

Although today you may associate the brand with Tomek (who appears in the majority of the photos) and Poszetka can easily be called the fourth child of the Godziek family (how seriously it sounds!), the key to the story is the founding mother, Asia (who remains a bit too often in the shadow). In addition to being the “business operation mastermind” on a daily basis, she is also the person who physically started this business - from hand-sewing pocket squares at home and selling them online. Simply put, there would be nothing without her!

Asia Godziek i Tomek Godziek

2. The most important publications.

We smoothly move on to the topic of press publications - our history has already been portrayed several times by the media, so if you want to learn more from external sources, we especially recommend these 4 publications that are most important to us (sadly, all of them are in Polish):

Each of them was a kind of milestone for us and a driving force behind further development and sales. From today's perspective, it is particularly interesting that through their prism you can see how Poszetka has evolved and how much we have changed! Read on and see what we dreamed about in the past and what we managed to achieve.

3. “The Shopkeepers: Storefront Businesses and the Future of Retail” book.

And that one is in English!

The Shopkeepers: Storefront Businesses and the Future of Retail
In addition to articles in the press - the book, published in 2015 by Gestalten. It is about the small brick and mortar stores, run by passionates, that cannot be replaced by e-commerce, even today. Our presence in this book is a great honor for us - especially that we were the only shop from Poland to be included. To this day, we have no idea how they found us. :)

4. Our shop at Morcinka street (Katowice).

Although we started online-only (and e-commerce stays our foundation to this day), many things could not have happened if it were not for our physical store in Katowice. Our own place, brick and mortar, was a necessary step that allowed us to develop, both in terms of business and visual. A showroom with a workshop is something that perfectly reflects the spirit of our brand and the ideas behind the handcrafted motto.

Remont na Morcinka
What is particularly interesting, we found ourselves in a place with history - previously, for many years, it housed a heavy tailoring workshop that made traditional uniforms for Silesian miners. Although the renovation required considerable expenditure and the rubble itself took as many as 3 containers to take it away, we managed to arrange a friendly space here, at the same time leaving a few elements from the past - including hooks and sturdy clothes hangers high up in the ceiling. The very large windows that let in a lot of light (and the Kosmos cinema opposite, which side facade helps to illuminate the well-known Tomek’s mirror selfies) are also a thing!

Geszeft i Poszetka na Morcinka
It is worth adding that the neighborhood, Koszutka, was not an obvious place for a shop when we moved here. It is a small (in fact, the smallest) district of Katowice, with the highest age average, consisting mainly of early socialist housing estates, slightly newer (but also from the times of Polish People's Republic) blocks and a few pre-war villas. Despite the proximity to the center, it was always quiet and a bit out of the way - but we found a brilliant climate and a friendly atmosphere there. We made ourselves at home here for good with the help of a good company - including our neighbors from Geszeft that started it all - thanks to which we were able to revive this place together!

5. Katowice - the city of neon lights.

And as we are talking about our Katowice - you may not know, but some call it "Polish Las Vegas" (see this one) - or more simply, the city of neon lights… Or at least this was the case in the 1960s and 1970s, until they began to be pushed out of the public space and replaced by some less sophisticated forms of glowing signs.

neon Oscar Wilde
Fortunately, nowadays the tradition is being revived, the old neon signs are being saved and at the same time more and more new ones are being crafted, both on the municipal and private initiative. We are big fans of this trend and we happily joined it - that's why in our two venues you will now find four real, working neon signs!

6. The first, homemade logo.

One of the neon signs shows our logo in the shape of the characteristic letter P - did you know, however, that it was not the logo that we had from the very beginning?

stare logo Poszetka
For about the first 3 years, we used the logo with the crown and the words "men's accessories", designed by Tomek himself. Certainly, some of you have a tie or pocket square with such a tag in your collection…

7. The “hand” symbol.

And while talking about our visual identification, it is worth mentioning our drawn hand symbol, which appears in many places and is already inseparably connected with our brand. Interestingly, it is not an anonymous hand - the living original belongs to our seamstress, Mrs. Halinka and was turned into an image by the award-winning graphic artist and illustrator Bartosz Kosowski. Check his other works, they are really worth seeing - and we are really proud that we could work with him.

ręce Pani Halinki
ręka Bartosz Kosowski

8. A session with… a professional model?

You probably don't know (or don't remember), but 8 years ago we did our only photo shoot with a professional model. It was the first and the last such session, because ever since then, we have been taking photos that show ourselves, our loved ones and friends. We do so to show you that our things are perfect for everyday use, not a runway show.

backstage jedynej sesji z modelką
See a small sample of these old works. Our photoshoots look much different (and hopefully better) nowadays, right?

sesja z modelką Poszetka

9. That one famous picture...

And when it comes to legendary photo shoots, we can't help but mention the first extensive collaboration with a blogger - "Three P" with Outdersen and our fall/winter 2013/2014 accessories collection. Although there were several sessions in the series (and the title letter referred to the names of three cities: Poznań, Prague and Paris, where the photos were taken), one of the episodes outperformed all the others in terms of popularity… Do you remember it?

Outdersen w Paryżu
Łukasz says that to this day  these photos with the Eiffel Tower  haunt him on the Internet - we must admit that the popularity absolutely surprised us too! We did not expect that such a session with our bowtie could survive and circulate for so long. ;)

10. The Handballers.

While browsing our photo archives, we also came across such an interesting session from the times of the mini-renaissance of a certain sports discipline in Poland…

Bogdan Wenta Sławomir Szmal
Jurecki Karol Bielecki
See coach Bogdan Wenta and his handball players (Szmal, Jurecki and Bielecki) from the team of the world championship medalists, styled by Michał Kędziora (Mr. Vintage), wearing accessories from Poszetka. Time flies - as far as we know, all gentlemen have already finished playing for the Polish national team and are currently retired from sports or are preparing for it.

11. Tauron Nowa Muzyka

We will end the first part of trivia a bit personally and tell you about the music festival with which, as Poszetka, we are associated practically from the very beginning. Tauron Nowa Muzyka is an important event of the year for us for several reasons: we live listening to this kind of music every day, we go to festival concerts each year, and we even went there several times as exhibitors! Fun fact: Tomek’s brother is one of the festival’s promoters.

WhoMadeWho i Asia
As a souvenir, we are throwing a “double Poszetka” photo - first, there is Asia on it and second, you can see the bowties made by us on the necks of WhoMadeWho musicians.

Wait for the second part, where we'll tell you a bit more about our bestseller products, collaborations with bloggers and unique orders! :)

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