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Kwestionariusz: Clément - Sartorial Matters

Kwestionariusz: Clément - Sartorial Matters

We have asked Clement (@sartorialmattersfrance) a few questions about his life, clothes and interests.


• What do you do for a living?

C: I’m a student in real estate! I’m currently working with my twin brother to open our real estate agency in Paris which should be opening in April 2024.

• What sparked your interest in menswear?

C: I’ve always loved dressing well, or what I thought it was to be well dressed. In addition to loving the looks of good looking clothes, I love everything that’s behind them: quality, craftsmanship, nice people, friendships, traditions. According to me, dressing well is something you owe to yourself but also to those around you. It’s a sign of respect and self esteem.


photo by @por.misojos

All About Menswear:

• Describe your everyday attire. Do you have any kind of "menswear uniform” that you repeatedly wear?

C: I like to describe my look with a word a friend of mine uses: academic. I keep everything extremely simple and focus on basics that will age well. I wear suits as much as I possibly can. My go to is a blue suit, with black shoes, a white or blue striped shirt, and a dark tie. If I need to wear an overcoat, it’ll either be a beige trench-coat or a navy blue heavy overcoat. I don’t believe in doing too much when it comes to colours or details: it is all in the cut according to me.

• What's your single favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

C: It is actually not a piece of clothing, but a pair of shoes. My black cap toe oxfords from Calzoleria de Fumo.

• Is there an item of clothing you would love to own but haven’t acquired yet?

C: I would have loved to own a suit cut by the late Edward Sexton. Now when it comes to items I could actually own one day, I would love to commission a suit from Kent & Haste.

• Who is your biggest style inspiration or favorite style icon?

C: If I had to name just one: King Hassan II.


Bigger Perspective:

• What music album or playlist have you been listening to the most recently?

C: Right now it’s any song that’s been released between 1980 and 1990. My current favorites is “Big in Japan” by Alphaville.

• What's a destination you've yet to visit but would love to see? 

C: I’ve never been to the south of Italy and I’d love to go there. I would also love to go to one of the major lakes in Italy. Ask me the same question in the winter and I’d probably answer with a place in Great Britain!

• Besides menswear, what are your other hobbies?

C: I've always been into real estate which is not surprising when you live in Paris. And I'm also into sports (golf, hockey).

• What's your favorite sport or activity?

C: I used to play hockey, but I have switched to golf! It has turned into an obsession!


A Little About Poszetka:

• What do you appreciate the most about our brand?

C: The artistic direction is great, and every season you come up with timeless products! The fabrics are always carefully chosen, and you pay attention to the cut.

• What would you recommend to our readers this season?

C: What I’d recommend is the piece I wore the most this season: the beige trench-coat!


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