The Questionnaire XVI: Radosław Gajda

1. Tell us about yourself, what do you do for a living?

I am an architect by trade, I've studied the history of art as well. On a day to day basis, I propagate those two broad topics in my internet series GOOD IDEA, which I publish with Natalia Szcześniak on YouTube. We talk about everything that surrounds us, and what most people don't notice in their daily rush - the beautiful buildings, historical nuances of cities, inspiring works of art.

2. How did your adventure with classic clothing begin?

When I started working at the university, I wanted to dress the way that suited both my work and my trade. More or less that's when I started browing blogs about men's fashion and elegance, noticing how movie characters dress on campuses and there it went, step by step, experimenting and searching for my own style.

3. How do you usually dress? Do you have a set style you like and stick to?

Usually I'm dressed in a rather elegant style but I can't say for certain that I use a concrete motif or an aesthetic. I search for interesting combinations - the results vary. I recall when we stayed in Venice for a few months a year ago. There were no tourists at that time, only the locals strolling the streets, usually middle-aged and older folks, dressed in an incredibly stylish yet not forced way, fitting the beautiful city like a glove. I quickly noticed that I don't fit the venetian street style at all. During the entire stay there I tried to learn from the well dressed venetians, my neighbours, and on the last day of our stay I've heard a "siete vestiti bellissimi" (you're dressed beautifully) remark thrown at us - and so I thought, ok, I've managed to work out my style, in Italy no less. The interesting thing is, I was dressed in a jacket, trousers, tie and pocket square by Poszetka.
4. Your favourite type of garment?

The jacket, I wear it almost always.

5. Your favourite pair of shoes?

I wear suede, brown shoes most of the time.

6. Your favourite piece of clothing?

My Speedmaster - the watch that is elegant enough to fit a suit yet durable enough to fly it to the moon.

7. The garment you dream of?

A tuxedo - and higher when it comes to formality. I think I will get a tuxedo sooner or later, and hope there will be opportunities to wear it, but I also dream of chance to wear a tailcoat.

8. Who is your biggest style icon/inspiration?

Charles, Prince of Wales. At every step he looks incredibly elegant yet not out of place. Very stylish, but he doesn't chase after fashion trends - there are pictures of him in the same coat taken twenty years apart - a proof that elegance really can be timeless, and that the clothes made from highest quality fabrics don't age.
9. List three favourite, most inspiring accounts on IG.

Mr. Vintage - Michał Kędziora, Clarence House (even though the clothes are more of a background, there are whole stories dedicated to tailoring occasionally), Pinsent Tailoring - Zack Pinsent (not the clothes I'd wear everyday however)

10. What do you like about Poszetka the most?

For the great RTW cuts, patterns of accessories, highest class of fabrics and amazing quality of every product.

11. What is your favourite Poszetka product? What would you recommend to others?

Recently I've purchased the double-breasted herringbone raglan coat - it's terrific. Warm, fits many looks, super spacious pockets. I think if I showed up on a venetian street wearing it I'd certainly stir the interest of neighbours.

12. Any hobbies besides clothing?

I enjoy books - in many ways. I read in my spare time, but additionaly I take interest in the book as an item and product of culture - it's history, editorial and language nuances and everything connected to them.
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