The Questionnaire XII: @thezanification

In today's Questionnaire we host Zane, a huge fan of high waisted trousers who runs the @thezanification profile

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1. Tell us briefly about yourself. What do you do and what is your everyday life like?

My name is Zane, a Singaporean currently living in Toronto, Canada. I currently work from home for a private equity firm where my primary role is a derivatives analyst.

I spent most of the day tracking the North American financial markets. After the markets close, I will typically exercise, meal prep, play a bit of video games and monitor the Asian markets before sleeping.

2. How did you discover menswear and how did this journey begin?

I was initially introduced to the concept of dressing better a decade ago by my older brother. He taught me the importance of having clothing that fits you well.

Then, having an inclination to clothing and entering the world of Instagram during the #menswear period, I was immediately enamoured by the culture and craftsmanship of tailoring. This eventually led me to self-educating myself further and honing my tailored wardrobe accordingly.

3. How would you describe your everyday style? Do you have any particular style that you love and stick to?

I describe my style as “professional but not corporate”. I work in a professional environment but I am not required to wear a suit on a daily basis.

This entails a freedom of office wear and I often default to a combination of high waisted trousers and knitwear. To me, such a combination looks professional yet casually elegant.

4. Your favourite piece of clothing?

My high waisted trousers for sure. I own a lot of it, wear them on a daily basis and is likely what I am recognized by.

5. Your favourite, most worn pair of shoes?

Easy answer, Alden LHS unlined brown suede loafers!

6. The single favourite item in your wardrobe?

My bespoke blue Loro Piana denim trousers. It was my first bespoke commission that matured my sense of style and fit. As, before then, I was guilty of wearing tailored clothing that was evidently too tight.


7. The garment that you have been dreaming of, but still have not acquired?

A bespoke navy suit in a desired silhouette!

8. Your biggest style icon and the biggest inspiration?

Admittedly, I do not have a style icon nor do I draw inspiration from one particular individual. However, if I have to name someone, I would say Ralph Lauren. As he always looks great and comfortable in everything he wears.

9. Tell us three of your favourite, most inspiring (menswear related) Instagram accounts.

@pleatsandpatina - He portrays a great combination of casual and formal ensembles that I find to be incredibly inspirational. He consistently looks professional, yet not in a corporate manner - which is my style philosophy.

@burzanblog - Jesse is undoubtedly one of the main individuals that motivated me to pursue a tailoring centric social account. I consider him one of the first few classical menswear creators and I always appreciate his photography concepts, introducing/experimenting new brands and his commentary.

@JKF_Man - A menswear photographer that has an eye for style and details. His subjects often encapsulate how comfortable tailoring actually is. Oh and it also helps that he has exceptional taste in his own personal clothing.

10. What makes you like the most?

What I like most about Poszetka is their unique design offerings. Poszetka offers a wide variety of products, yet in each category, they have a design that’s completely unique. This is particularly evident in the Rudolf overcoat and Urban Jacket. Both of which are innovative designs that flatters any body type.

I also have to add how much I appreciate and respect their curation every season. They tend to pick interesting fabrics in brighter colors or bolder checks, which you don’t see many brands doing too often now.


11. Your favourite product from range? What would you recommend in particular?

The Rudolf, Poszetka’s contemporary take on a raglan coat. It has a combination of attributes, like the raglan sleeve and design closure, that makes it such a unique coat. The coat has very dramatic, and generous, lapels that I find to be extremely flattering, as the belted closure nips the waist and the wide lapels broadens the shoulder - creating an inverted triangle shape.

Additionally, the coat’s lapels are unfused, but not the collar. This is such a small detail that most would not consider but it plays a pivotal role to the coat’s performance. With the unfused lapels, you get an incredibly beautiful lapel roll that doesn’t feel stiff when you have to combat the cold by unfolding it towards your chest. You can also pop the collar to provide more warmth and, because it is structured, the collar will stay erect as opposed to being flimsy and unreliable. ⁣⁣

12. What are your hobbies apart from your job and the menswear world?

During my free time, I read, play a lot of video games and exercise, specifically weight lifting and boxing. I was actually about to compete in amateur boxing before COVID hit!

Thank you Zane for the talk. It was a pleasure!

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