The Questionnaire XI: @dapperclassic

Another foreign guest in our The Questionnaire series - welcome Sem, AKA @dapperclassic, hailing from the UK!

Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski & + Sem

1. Tell us briefly about yourself. What do you do and what is your everyday life like?

I work in the transport and logistics industry for a national company here in the UK as the Head of Information Technology. I have been working in this field now for almost 20 years and thoroughly enjoy it. My role involves everything from business systems design, network design, server infrastructure, cyber security and data protection – basically if it has a plug on the end, I’m responsible for it! For the last year, like many I have been working from home which has taken quite some getting used to and has thrown up all many challenges, but I have had to find ways to adapt. Prior to this, I was office based with occasional travel to customers and suppliers.

The industry I work in has experienced huge growth due to the pandemic, which I guess is quite a fortunate position to be in given the current economic climate,

I expect my everyday life to change very soon as my wife and I are expecting our first child which is something we are very excited about - the working from home will come in quite useful for that!

2. How did you discover menswear and how did this journey begin?

I have been into menswear for as long as I can remember, from a young age I would go out shopping every weekend with my elder sister and we would look for bargains. At school, I would often break the school uniform rules by wearing items that weren’t allowed – for example, I would try and sneak on a Navy suit jacket instead of the mandatory black blazer. I would wear crew neck sweaters under the jacket instead of the required grey v-neck pullover which is something I’d often get in trouble for!

When I began my career in the corporate world, I started to explore suiting and was initially lured by ‘designer’ brands. During the last 10 years or so I began focussing more on classic menswear and would buy most of my suits, shirts, ties and jackets from two particular British brands that offered good value and fit me well. It was through sites such as Pinterest that I began to discover some bloggers which led me to a couple of channels on Youtube and then I eventually landed on Instagram where I get most of my inspiration from these days.

3. How would you describe your everyday style? Do you have any particular style that you love and stick to?

Prior to home working, the company I work for had a fairly relaxed dress code requiring just a shirt, trousers (not denim) and a pair of dark, formal shoes. My every day style would be a jacket/blazer (sometimes referred to as a sportcoat), shirt and a pair of separate trousers – in the cooler months of the year these are usually flannel trousers but at weekends and when out and about it’s chinos, denim or corduroy. I also enjoy sourcing, collecting and restoring vintage ties, I am always fascinated by the beautiful artwork on these pieces – I really love to pair these ties with my jackets.

Despite working from home, I still enjoy wearing tailored clothing, it makes me feel good and if I feel good I am more productive.

4. Your favourite piece of clothing?

I have many but it would have to be a tweed jacket from my collection – a well fitting, unstructured jacket is such a joy to wear and really elevates any outfit whilst being very functional in terms of keeping you warm. Not strictly an item of clothing but my Seiko Presage SRPB43 ‘Cocktail Time’ watch which I bought during a trip to New York is the single, most worn item that I own.

5. Your favourite, most worn pair of shoes?

I have a pair of brown Loake longwing brogues with rubber soles that have been re-soled 3 times now and are still going strong. They are incredibly comfortable.

6. The single favourite item in your wardrobe?

Probably my Brown Abraham Moon Prince of Wales tweed jacket. I’ve loved this particular cloth for many years, it was one of cloths that really got me hooked. I owned a RTW jacket in the same cloth but it didn’t fit me so well. This year, I finally had it re-made according to my exact measurements and style specifications and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

7. The garment that you have been dreaming of, but still have not acquired?

Many people tell me that I need to try a full bespoke suit, I find that I get a really good fit through off the rack and made to measure via a couple of my favourite menswear brands but I need to try out bespoke some day just to satisfy the curiosity.

8. Your biggest style icon and the biggest inspiration?

I wouldn’t say that I have a particular style icon as I draw inspiration from many sources, both male and female. If I were to name a couple then I have always admired the way Prince Charles has dressed. Early on in my menswear journey I was inspired by David Beckham, particularly the way he mixed and matched separate jackets and trousers – I’d say it was David that got me into that particular style.

9. Tell us three of your favourite, most inspiring (menswear related) Instagram accounts.

I am inspired by everyone that I follow, however I would like to give a mention to a few who have inspired me from the early days:

@flannels_and_tweed – Andreas works with colour so well and not afraid to step out the comfort zones of blue and grey.

@pleatsandpatina – There isn’t a post of Brian’s that I haven’t loved – I often save them for reference.

@jamaisvulgaire – A French blog and excellent source of posts curated from various stylish Instagrammers around the world.

10. What makes you like the most?

Poszetka has a great eye for fabrics and style detail, their garments are very well constructed and offer exceptional value for money. The shantung ties are a favourite along with the printed art pocket squares – particularly those that are printed in Macclesfield, you’ll often find others selling Macclesfield printed squares for double the price of Poszetka’s.

11. Your favourite product from range? What would you recommend in particular?

Right now, my favourite items are the two custom made jackets that Poszetka made for me in Marling & Evans undyed tweed cloths. Poszetka worked purely from measurements that I supplied on email and no measurements were taken in person in store or even over a video session, for such a process the end results are quite incredible!

12. What are your hobbies apart from your job and the menswear world?

I have always been into electronic music since I was around 10 years old. I have presented a number of radio shows over the last 20 years and enjoyed some success travelling and gigging internationally. I also ran a vinyl record label some years back and have written, produced and released a number of records. I still produce music in my spare time, but this is purely for fun and my own listening pleasure. Perhaps one day, I may start releasing it again.

I guess my musical/artistic side has had some influence on the way I dress – picking out sounds and playing chords for a track is not that dissimilar to picking out colours and patterns for an outfit - the end goal is to create something that’s harmonious to my ear or eye which is usually influenced by my mood at the time.

Other than music, I enjoy keeping fit – particularly cycling and running and have set up a mini home gym to help me through these lockdowns.

Thank you Sem for the talk. It was a pleasure!

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Hello there ! Well, it was the first time I ordered a clothe feom your brand on your website, and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied by the quality of you service. Now let's write some note about the blazer. I'm very pleased to finnally having one piece of this kind, and this one is really good designed. But it's a close fitting cut, so I should be careful with my waist size in the future ! Anyway, thank you Poszetka and see you soon for a next purchase !
Smooth and profesional, as always!!
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