The Questionnaire VII: Michał Frąckiewicz (Meander)

It's the 7th episode already! This time we talk to Michał Frąckiewicz, a blogger (although he uses this term less and less) and menswear industry insider. Have a read.

Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski & + Michał Frąckiewicz

1. Tell us briefly about yourself. What do you do and what is your everyday life like?

Hi! To begin, I'd like to thank you for inviting me to The Questionnaire, I enjoy it! :)

My name is Michał Frąckiewicz, known as Meander on the internet and in the menswear industry. On daily basis I work at Macaroni Tomato, both as a customer assistant and the marketing guy. I used to write my own blog, now I still run my profiles in social media. The funny thing is that I graduated as a historian and almost became a teacher, but ended up completely elsewhere. That's how life can surprise us!

biała marynarka Michał Frąckiewicz

2. How did you discover menswear and how did this journey begin?

Well, rather by accident. It began with some changes in my appearance in the college times. I used to wear long hair, cargo pants and oversized t-shirts. Then came the first experiments with shirts and jackets, then the haircut and somehow it all just happened. I set up a Facebook fanpage, gathered some fans, then Łukasz (Outdersen) found me somewhere on the internet and recommended to Wojtek Szarski, who was then looking for a new Macaroni Tomato employee. When I got to Warsaw, things happened fast. Finding a job in the industry can really change a lot, for me it's been a huge development.

3. How would you describe your everyday style? Do you have any particular style that you love and stick to?

I wouldn't say that I already have any specific style of my own, I like at least a few. You could say I'm the closest to smart casual, but I do not think that this term is very precise in my case. Also recently, under the influence of trends coming from the east and west, I've started experimenting with some more interesting casualwear (just like you, Mateusz). I'd also add that I have long liked preppy style and I'm closer to Italian than English tailoring.

4. Your favourite piece of clothing?

A tailored jacket. For how it can improve one's silhoutte, for adding a lot of self-confidence, for how versatile it can be.

But it just has to be light and soft, sporty, not stiff and heavy.

5. Your favourite, most worn pair of shoes?

Cognac suede Yanko loafers. I also have to admit that I've been wearing my sneakers a lot recently, but mainly just because my dress shoes need a bit of rest and some proper care.

6. The single favourite item in your wardrobe?

My favourites change a lot, because I usually keep a rotation in my wardrobe. Talking about the things I wear often and feel good when doing that - my navy sportcoat and grey POW check trousers with deep pleats and turnups. I could name this combo my favourite. Also, one of my recent purchases - wide trousers made of woollen twill, chocolate brown, with double pleats. Just beautiful.

7. The garment that you have been dreaming of, but still have not acquired?

Navy bespoke suit, asian tailoring style? I might appear pretty conservative with these choices, but I have to say that I already own majority of clothes I've wanted to have, but still lack a navy classic.

ancient madder i gun club Michał Frąckiewicz kurtka wojskowa na marynarkę

8. Your biggest style icon and the biggest inspiration?

I don't have any typical icon like "Gianni Agnelli" or "Steve McQueen" (although I respect both), I try to keep closer to reality. I really enjoy the simple style of Andreas Weinas. I also absorb a lot of knowledge and style tips from my boss, Wojtek Szarski. I like the former for his simple, but well-fitting and well-composed outifts and the latter for the ease that he wears his clothes with - something that I'm still practising.

9. Tell us three of your favourite, most inspiring (menswear related) Instagram accounts.

Not sure if they are the most inspiring, but I regularly check @thezanification, because Zane's style feels a bit similar to mine and there are lots of great, inspiring trousers, outifts balancing on the edge between the smart and the casual. Add fabulous Andreas @flannels_and_tweed and already mentioned @andreasweinas and these are my three favourite accounts.

10. What makes you like the most?

Definitely frankness. I like that style of running business, so natural and familiar, giving a sense of closeness to the client.

In terms of products and offer - your unique and innovative ideas, like those artwork collection pocket squares.

11. Your favourite product from range? What would you recommend in particular?

Definitely the already mentioned pocket squares, I have a few and wear them like 80-90% of time, on daily basis. I love the Japanese series with Hiroshige Ando works - perfect colours, proper size, great fabric and fair price. Worth recommending. Except for that, unlined and ancient madder ties, also high on my favourite accesories list.

12. What are your hobbies apart from your job and the menswear world?

Oh, there's a lot. I am (at least try to, as much as it's possible with remote contact) a scout instructor. I'm a bookworm, a bit of nerd (playing tabletop RPGs), ex-airsoft enthusiast and almost-survivalist, I might come back to both if the day ever gets longer (haha). I spend a lot of my time in the menswear world, also as a hobbyist, outside of my job. But recently, I'm mostly a proud father, that's what keeps me busy all the time. :)

Thank you Michał for the talk. It was a pleasure!

Photos:   Chris Majkowski   & Piotr Prusik

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