The Questionnaire III: Mateusz Tryjanowski

In the third episode of The Questionnaire we interview Mateusz Tryjanowski - the chief editor of our Everyday Classic, man responsible for majority of articles you read here. But what else does he do? How did he began his menswear career? Read more to know the answers.

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Mateusz Tryjanowski

1. Tell us briefly about yourself. What' do you do and what is your everyday life like?

I do a lot of different things (laughs). To be more specific, I am responsible for marketing/PR/strategic duties at Sartolane, I try to stimulate my creativity writing articles here at Poszetka and recently I also began working on eCommerce for a coffee roastery in Warsaw, HAYB Speciality Coffee. I am also trying to finish my master studies in the meantime.

2. How did you discover menswear and how did this journey begin?

It all began with searching for a better way of dressing, just to feel and look better. What is funny - the fact that it went in the suits and jackets direction was heavily influenced by my fascination with 80s aesthetics. I was enamoured with Miami Vice or Scarface main characters' looks, that was something amazing to me then. However, before I managed to fill my closet with white suits and oddly-coloured silk shirts, I stumbled upon menswear blogs which about time were reaching their golden era here in Poland (shout out to Szymon Jeziorko and Outdersen, thank you guys) and I ended up choosing a more conventional path of gray flannels, pocket squares and checked sportcoats.

Then just after my final exams at secondary school I applied for an intership at Miler Menswear, quickly transfered to Macaroni Tomato in Warsaw where I have spent next 2 years and it all just went on. Working in menswear allowed me to learn from the best and develop my personal style quicker.

3. How would you describe your everyday style? Do you have any particular style that you love and stick to?

To make it simple, I would say that my everyday uniform consists of a pair of trousers and a jacket, paired with a shirt/shirt and tie/turtleneck/another knitwear. Some time ago I began to shift towards Ivy Style, but more kind of its Japanese interpretation than modern-American popular version (rather trad  or rugged ivy  than preppy ): either trousers with a crease or denim, lots of military accents (trousers, vintage military jackets), heavier fabrics and a bit of playing with colours.

Mateusz Tryjanowski i Tomek Godziek biegną

4. Your favourite piece of clothing?

Hmmm... I would say these are jeans. A good pair made out of tough denim will be more versatile and useful than anything else, long-lasting and will age beautifully.

5. Your favourite, most worn pair of shoes?

Maybe my answer will not be sartorial enough for some of you, but right now these are my Adidas Sambas - this year, I have finally found a perfect pair of sneakers for me. They are simple, not overcomplicated but also not too minimalistic, they go well with majority of things I wear. And yeah, comfort is important, too.

6. The single favourite item in your wardrobe?

Oryginalny Jungle Jacket z czasów wojny w Wietnamie, czyli bluza TCU. Nie wiem czy jakiś pojedynczy ciuch podoba mi się tak bardzo i na mnie, i na wieszaku. Utylitarny, ale wdzięczny design, ciekawy krój i zakorzenienie we współczesnej kulturze kolokwialnie mówiąc robią robotę w tym przypadku. The original G.I. Jungle Jacket from the Nam-era, my TCU jacket. I don't think there is any other single garment that I like looking at so much, both just as it is and worn by me. Its utilitarian (but far from ugly) design, interesting silhouette and strong rooting in modern culture are what makes it great joy to have and wear this piece.

Mateusz Tryjanowski styl

7. The garment that you have been dreaming of, but still have not acquired?

Soft, thick and warm sportcoat made of pure cashmere, preferably navy double-breasted. For me it is the menswear version of comfort food , something soothing and enjoyable,

8. Your biggest style icon and the biggest inspiration?

A living legend - Yukio Akamine. The way he looks in his clothes - so natural, how he pairs colours together, how vast but overthought his wardrobe is, it's all amazing. I would love to look at least half as good as he does when i get old one day.

I also draw a lot of inspiration from current Drake's aesthetics, their lookbooks (especially fall-winter ones) are a great source of outfit ideas, inspirations and good style.

9. Tell us three of your favourite, most inspiring (menswear related) Instagram accounts.

@akamineyukio - already mentioned, poor photography but great style, however this way of running Instagram profile in 2019 is pretty charming.

@ethanmwong - one of the best Ivy Style interpretations there is. I would not personally wear everything, but I respect him for boldness.

@gusvs9 - P R O P O R T I O N S. A golden standard for me in terms of how a jacket and trousers should fit like, his Liverano and Corcos pieces are just perfect.

Mateusz Tryjanowski płaszcz ulster

10. What makes you like the most?

Consistency. The brand has been developing consistently with a clear idea in mind, you can see that in current aesthetics. Things go together well and stand out from the crowd, not being boring nor too loud. Unfortunately, looking at the offer of other Polish sartorial  brands (or even the foreign ones), it is not always so obvious. Plus, of course, the people and atmosphere, it's always nice and familiar to shop there in Katowice.

11. Your favourite product from range? What thing would you recommend in particular?

For now, it's their FW19/20 RTW collection, sportcoats in particular. Fair price, great cut, nice details - but especially the fabric selection is outstanding. Except for that, wool challis ties, when they happen to be in offer. ;)

12. What are your hobbies apart from your job and the menswear world?

Running - I love running, this is how I relax. In August, I ran my first half marathon and next year I am planning to run more. Modernist architecture - I enjoy reading about it, admiring it and photographing it. Except for that, analog photography, speciality coffee and craft beer. Oh, and the music - primarly my beloved 90s East Coast hip-hop, some modern alternative hip-hop and to make it more interesting, 80s music, especially new wave.

Thank you Mateusz for the interview!

If you are interested in his writing, check out other articles on our blog.
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