The Questionnaire II: Andrzej Olender (The Shine)

In the second episode of our Questionnaire, we talk to Andrzej Olender - a footwear artist, well known in the community as The Shine. Welcome!

Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski & + Andrzej Olender

Andrzej Olender The Shine The Shine Poszetka

1. Tell us briefly about yourself. What's your everyday life like?

I work professionally in the IT industry in one of Tychy's companies.

Except for this, I develop my own brand, The Shine, where I paint leather goods, mainly footwear, but not only (briefcases, belts, etc.).

2. How did you discover menswear and how did this journey begin?

It all began about 8 years ago, when I first came across the forum of the "But W Butonierce" Association, from there I then discovered, among others, the memorable Macaroni Tomato blog. Good quality things were hard to find at the time. Everyone shared their ideas, addresses of craftsmen, foreign brands, etc. Interesting times. It is much easier today. Also thanks to your brand!

3. How would you describe your everyday style? Do you have any particular style that you love and stick to?

Currently, the closest to me is the sporty version of classic elegance. I prefer good quality, but casual clothing. In general, I wear various coordinated sets. Very often I choose denim trousers, shirts mostly in twill weave, oxford or linen in the summertime. Jacket, usually unlined, with patch pockets and a pocket square. Plus good-quality shoes, which I consider to be the most important. Generally speaking, I'm closer to Italian than British.

The Shine styl

4. Your single favourite piece of clothing?

They are undoubtedly shoes. Good and cared about - than even heavily worn shoes can age beautifully. They can often save the whole outfit.

5. Your favourite, most worn pair of shoes?

I usually wear my Yanko 742 brown hand-painted shoes. I have worn them relatively often for almost 5 years now. They age beautifully, they are also very comfortable.

The Shine patynacja

6. The garment that you have been dreaming of, but still have not acquired?

I dream of a good quality jacket with a cut similar to the M65, like those that are recently offered by sartorial high-end brands. Horn buttons, good quality zipper, civil cut, attention to sewing and detail.

7. Your biggest style icon and the biggest inspiration?

Definitely Gianni Agnelli, the grandson of the founder of Fiat Auto. Many years ago, he perfectly combined casualness with elegance. There are some people who I think are well dressed nowadays, but it is impossible to list them all here.

8. Tell us three of your favourite, most inspiring (menswear related) Instagram accounts.

Almost without thinking over: @yoheifukudashoemaker @aleksjj @andreasweinas

9. What makes you like the most?

I like you for continuous development, not just selling pocket squares and ties that you started with and in which you specialize. You are constantly expanding your offer with a sense and taste that are not easy. In addition, there is a great atmosphere in your shop!

10. Your favourite product from range? What thing would you recommend in particular?

I like your jackets, your gray summer suit made a huge impression on me. The price-performance ratio alone is excellent. And things like fabric, shoulder line, light sewing, general cut, spalla camicia, barchetta, milanese buttonhole... A trained eye immediately sees those. Personally, I really like all the details that make up the uncompromising product that pleases the eye.

11. What are your hobbies apart from your job and the menswear world?

Apart from this world I have quite wide spectrum of interests. I really like long distance running, this year I plan to run my first marathon. I also love coffee and learning a lot about it. Generally I love tasting, it does not matter if it is coffee, wine or aged alcohol. I like to discover different flavors. Similarly, I have this with the food, I love Italian dishes, both eating and cooking. I am also very interested in modern technologies, photography (I take all photos of hand-painted shoes by myself). I like the balance technology with creative work. In addition to these hobbies, I love spending time with my family, partner Ania and daughter Małgosia. I used to do video and music production. In fact, I could list my hobbies for a long time. Some I had to abandon for the sake of new ones.

Big thanks to Andrzej for talking with us. Bye!

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