The High Rise Charm

If you are reading this, you are probably wearing some kind of trousers. Think about them for a while and ask yourself, whether you like and why. Would you call them comfortable and good-looking? Elegant and flattering?

Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski

Well, it is hard to guess what was your answer and what kind of trousers are you really wearing right now. However, there is a high probability that at least one answer was negative. If that is true, you might find a good advice below - because high-waisted trousers are the thing that does it all and might be the thing that you are looking for.

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High-rise trousers: what exactly does it mean?

Where does the high-rise begin on the body?.

It depends.

Depends on many things: what is the wearer’s height, how proportioned is his body, how is he shaped or even what does he think about it. A pair of high-waisted trousers for a 170 cm tall guy will be a low-waisted, or maybe medium-waisted trousers for a person 20 cm taller. To make things simpler, it can be said that the trousers are high-waisted if they fully rest above the hip bones, on the soft part of the belly. For some it will be around their belly button, for some a few centimetres lower - but still around the narrowest part of one’s trunk.

Much more popular back in the day, now in minority - although high-waisted trousers came and go with the changing fashion, the long-term trend was to lower the waist significantly in all the men’s trousers. It finally came to the moment where high rise almost totally disappeared, except for the few rarely-appearing cases which might be called singular experiments. Men nowadays do not want to wear high-waisted trousers, mainly for two simple reasons: one is that they never seen nor wore them, the second is a… belt.

Men’s belt came a long way from being mainly an ornament to a thing that mainly serves a practical purpose and became a go-to solution for holding a pair of trousers for majority of men. It is not necessarily comfortable, especially if it should squeeze one’s stomach. For many, it is much more comfortable when wore on the hip-level, on the firmer trunk part. That is why with the collapsing availability of bespoke tailoring (promising a perfect fit in the waist), plummeting popularity of braces (the best way to hold a pair of high-waisted trousers) and jeans takeover in fashion (they almost always need a belt to hold them in place) came the fall of the high rise.

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The advantages of high-waisted trousers

Enough talking about the history, time to concentrate more on the positives! First and foremost, the comfort - obviously, it depends a lot on the fit, but generally classic high-waisted trousers mean it. They don’t push on the lower part of the belly (especially when it is prominent) and are much less restrictive when sitting. When wore with braces, they are almost unnoticeable for the wearer. They are also traditionally cut looser, what helps especially those with more prominent hips and thighs in contrary to the waist.

They can also be called good-looking. There is something with the high rise that makes it visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. It is not dominated by the wearer’s belly, it reaches the higher point on the body. It elongates trousers’ line. The waistline is more horizontal, not angled downwards to the front.

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If good-looking, they can also seem elegant - high-waisted trousers go perfectly well with jackets and sportcoats, the silhouette then looks much better proportioned. The shirt tucks better in, there is no visible creased piece of fabric under the jacket’s buttoning point, everything looks just neater.

And obviously, high-waisted trousers are truly flattering. They can help hide a prominent belly or love handles, but if it is not your case - they expose slim waist really well. They elongate legs, improve body proportions, give that desired “V” shape to your silhouette.

We know about all these advantages of high-waisted pants, but is it enough to save them from vanishing? Yes! Although we cannot expect them to regain wider popularity, the steadily growing slow fashion market will surely help them survive. High rise will surely be present in niche brands’ product ranges, aimed mainly at menswear aficionados.

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We can definitely describe ourselves as suit users - and we cannot imagine wearing any other type of trousers with them (and myself, I even wear my jeans high-waisted). Often with braces, sometimes only tightened slightly using side adjusters - but always feeling more comfortable than wearing low-waisted trousers with a belt. Try them once and see!

All Poszetka trousers from the new collection have a high rise on most average body types.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Hello there ! Well, it was the first time I ordered a clothe feom your brand on your website, and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied by the quality of you service. Now let's write some note about the blazer. I'm very pleased to finnally having one piece of this kind, and this one is really good designed. But it's a close fitting cut, so I should be careful with my waist size in the future ! Anyway, thank you Poszetka and see you soon for a next purchase !
Smooth and profesional, as always!!
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