Simple, yet effective - a navy overcoat.

We all love those double-breasted, raglan-sleeved, dramatic-fitting overcoats, right? Well, it does seem so, but you and I probably live in a “#menswear” bubble that does not represent the taste of the majority. The reality is different - but there is nothing wrong about it.

Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski

I like my articles to be highly subjective. I also enjoy making strong judgments, formulating (slightly) stretched theses and drawing surprising conclusions. In fact, I usually do that here, because I think I have grown out of polite and encyclopedic writing - and you can find such all over the internet, so why should I tell you the same?

Sometimes, however, I feel like writing something lighter, maybe even more empathetic (if you can ever call my article that), balanced. In contrast to my basic manner, not to base the entire text on the just-a-little-better-organized stream of consciousness, but understand someone else's opinion, put it into consideration and look for arguments, not just those against. It sometimes gives pretty good results.

I had this idea recently when I sat down to this text - although I already knew that I could not completely separate my opinion from the writing (let alone change it), I felt ready to enter a discussion - actually even conduct it myself on paper, representing both sides - and try to approach the subject of overcoats as broadly, objectively and professionally as possible. How did it turn out? We will see. But first, let me tell you the whole story, beginning with a question:

What is the main drawback of a single-breasted coat?

Quick answer: it is too common, too ordinary. WRONG! If you just think about it, you will realize that it definitely should not be classified as a disadvantage.

Simplicity is nothing wrong, because it does not necessarily equal being boring or ordinary. Well, I even recently wrote something about the fact that the most basic things can be the ones that make you happy the most (I recommend the article about the blazer [LINK])! And yes, today I will continue to emphasize that you have to be careful not to go overboard, not only in your daily life, but also choosing clothes.

In this case, you could potentially do it two ways. On the one hand, you could do it by going with one of the options available on the market, made by brands drifting away from the classic cuts and looking for "modern" solutions, ending up producing caricatures of the originals. However, on the other hand, you could go too classic, too conservative, too formal, ending up looking really old-fashioned.
And yes, I understand that you might want to wear clothes that excite you, pieces that are fascinating, unique and full of details - I myself stood on this side while writing about raglan, ulster or double-breasted coats in general - but you have to admit that you might also look weird by doing so. That is why I am drawn more to the middle ground nowadays - maybe not trying to stay neutral, but attempting to put myself in a position that would allow me to choose what is best, depending on the situation. Seems wise.

After all, not everyone wants to go crazy - or at least not everyone wants to go crazy all the time. Translating it into the language of clothes, there are those who do not want to stand out and those who do not always want to stand out. And for both groups, there should be a reasonable offer available, not just some sartorial stuff for menswear aficionados.

Speaking more directly in today's topic, I think that relatively many people would like to have a coat that is not too flashy - because it is a piece of clothing that one would often go out in and would be seen by many people, as it is a top layer nonetheless. Therefore I understand (and you should, too) why a simple coat would be such a desirable piece, seeked by quite a lot of shoppers. Be it the first and the only one (super secure and/or beginner option) or just one of the many options in the closet (once you become more advanced), it will just prove useful.
The key thing there would be good quality - and, well, good taste. Usually the problem with ordinary things is that they are not available in spiced-up, well-made, high-quality versions with the same price-to-quality ratio as modern fancy “#menswear” pieces. And that’s a pity. But no more!

The reason is something that you've probably understood by this point - luckily Poszetka did not forget about those needs and chose to include this navy overcoat in their collection this season.

It's a pure classic, so unusual in its simplicity, that I rubbed my eyes in amazement the first time I saw it. It took me a while to understand why I subconsciously liked it, despite it theoretically not being anywhere near my own definition of a perfect coat. However, good things don’t have to be perfect - they just have to be right.

With this coat, you don't have to look out for fancy details nor wonder if everything fits together. It has just what you need. Versatile color? Yes - it is a shade of navy dark enough to be worn with jeans and light enough not to be mistaken for black. Proper weight? Obviously - I consider around 550g to be a minimum for such a coat, here you get 630g helped by a nice, warm texture. Other features? "Car" length, nice lapels that roll all the way down to the middle button and a useful chest pocket. What more do you need?

This is the living proof that ordinary and perfectly good can describe the same thing.

My good advice: if you just like this coat and feel that it fits you and your wardrobe, don't force yourself into something else, asking questions like "isn't it too ordinary?" or “shouldn’t I get something fancier?”. If you've been once lured by simplicity, hold on to it, for you won't be happier.
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