An Unobjective Gift Guide

Yes, it's already this time of the year - high time to start organizing gifts for your loved ones! In the first (there will be two) episode of the Everyday Classic gift guide, we present you a selection of the most interesting things that you can buy for someone… but just as well, for yourself.

Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to write this more interesting part of the guide - my subjective review, without any major restrictions. Although I realize that it may not be the more useful of the publications (in a few days, you will find the second one with more "safe" choices and things that do not require choosing the size), I believe that I can still give you some inspirations, thanks to which a successful gift can be made. Even if reading this selection will only make you want to buy something for yourself (or ask someone to do it), that's not a bad thing either, right?

Before I get into the details, some technical information. First, I have grouped the products into three groups: "little things", "one good choice" and "serious stuff". Secondly, for each of the products, I added information why it ended up here - I chose only things that I am sure about!

Let’s begin.


Little Things

“Little thing” can mean a lot - when choosing items for this category, I was guided by the thought that it should be rather a thing that you add as part of a gift or give someone that does not expect something huge. It does not have to do the "wow effect" by itself, but it is supposed to be enjoyed, of course!

Oh, I couldn't not mention this product, so let me begin the whole selection with it. This is a great gift for at least a few reasons. It is not pretentious, does not feel too expensive nor too cheap, it is useful and quite safe.

What's more interesting, you can treat it two ways - either give it to someone who is totally casual and try to inspire him/her to go one step higher (also by showing him a reasonable brand to start with), or play with a "sartorialist" and/or Poszetka brand fan by handing him something that theoretically may not suit his usual style, but still has the Poszetka logo and - horror! - will truly go well with coats and jackets, even if he refuses to understand it. Who doesn't like gifts with a deeper message?

Blankets, rugs, duvets, cutlery sets and pots - oooo, that sounds more like a nightmare than a successful gift. Still, many people cannot help but buy someone "something for home" as a gift. If so, why not reach for at least some nice porcelain?

If you are not completely familiar with this field, choose an espresso set from Poszetka - you can trust this brand (especially if you are already a customer!). Maybe the person you buy it likes unique and limited things? Or is just a fan of good clothes? Another reason to bet on this one! I have to say that these cups are great for your morning espresso - I enjoy mine - and most importantly, they are very aesthetically pleasing. Even my wife can confirm. At first she laughed that I brought another piece of Poszetka home, now she uses them more than I do. Check it out.

I feel obliged to include in this review a product that is directly related to the brand name (poszetka means pocket square in Polish, if you didn’t know). Do not think, however, that this is the only reason for choosing that one - although I find myself wearing pocket squares myself less and less, the two from the Japanese collection easily fit into the top 3 that I reach for the most. Beautiful colors, great fabric, unusual design (+ for lovers of art or Japanese culture)... and a size that allows you to tie it under the neck, as a small scarf. I do it myself and highly recommend it.

By the way, it's limited edition, what makes it more interesting and unique gift!

prezenty raz a dobrze

One Good Choice

This category is intended to cover those items that you can buy as a gift and not have to add anything else to them. They are useful, relatively large, but still reasonably priced. Good as a gift not only for the loved ones!

Just a nice shirt! Versatile design - both for those who wear blazers all the time and for die-hard casuals. Well-made details (collar!) and interesting fabric that you can tell stories about. As we all know, a product with such makes a better gift material.

However, if the previous one is too bold for your taste, remember that a white shirt will be always the safest choice. I bet on OCBD (Oxford Cloth Button Down), because it is a semi-formal proposition that hits the spot. It will find its place in virtually every modern wardrobe and prove useful even if one already owns a similar one.

And why this exact OCBD? It is priced very fairly, first of all. Secondly, this fabric from Albini is nice and wears comfortably - although I would choose a more matte and rougher oxford myself (for that old-school look), I know that most people will not agree with me and go with modern softness and silky touch instead. And last, I designed this collar shape myself - so I'm sure it looks exactly how it should. You will not be disappointed!

As soon as I saw the robe/dressing gown prototype, I knew it would be a good product. When it finally landed online, I thought it had to be included in the gift review… But it didn't last, selling out right away. Maybe it's for good, because instead of a ready product, you can now give someone a gift card for it - and this option allows one to choose the color (and size) later, reducing the risk of a mishap. Plus, having a voucher secured for the product that was so good it originally sold out quickly (let’s do not forget it is also a good recommendation) sounds like a good idea, right?

Commenting on the bathrobe itself, I must also mention that it also classified both to the above-mentioned "something for home" category (but not being boring!) and to the "practical, useful and generally great, but I always forget to buy it myself. " The chances of a positive surprise for the gift recipient are growing rapidly!

No sizing, unisex, practical use… A decent blanket that is! Regardless of whether someone already knows Poszetka, likes nice clothes, what age and what gender they are, they should appreciate it. It is made of soft and pleasant lambswool and will last for years to come. If you have no idea what to buy someone as a present, trust me - this can be it.

duże prezenty


I've only put three products into this category, but all are worth it. It's for those who want to give someone something really cool… or are looking for a spectacular gift idea for themselves.

I will never stop repeating it - this cut is beautiful! I myself have a houndstooth one from last year's collection and just love it.

This time, however, I would like to point out one more thing - take advantage of the fact that this cut is actually unisex (and will work great as oversize), so it can as well prove as a gift for women. I know from experience that many women envy men a choice of brands that offer classic, good-quality products at reasonable prices - and we often do not know what similar to recommend them. This option helps solve this problem!

Now, as a counterweight, strictly male product. Although, unlike the coat, I don't have the jacket myself, I seriously consider it as a gift for my father. If you want to buy a present for someone who likes that military style at least a little (or has watched too many movies that featured the M65 jacket), consider this option.

Even if I (and probably some of you) would be happy to look for a surplus OG, I know that most people do not like these baggy cuts and rough finishing. It's hard to find a proper size, things in good condition (and with no basement smell) get rarer and the prices are rising. It is now much easier to buy a new, civilized one, made of more luxurious materials, with modern features- and the Poszetka's jacket is a well-designed, versatile model with contemporary looks. A much better, safer and easier choice!

Something a bit controversial to end up with. A surprisingly sensible, luxurious everyday object, an umbrella made in Mario Talarico's family workshop in Italy. This is an unusual thing, but really worth your attention.

Why is this a good gift idea? There are many reasons for that. First, it has a priceless “giftability” value - there is a very small chance that the recipient has something like this and that he would have bought it himself. Secondly, it is practical and beautiful at the same time - who doesn't like to use such objects on a daily basis? Thirdly, it will last for many years and acquire sentimental value. And considering the price, it is not that expensive, especially bearing in mind the amount of manual work put into it. I myself would be happy receiving it. I guarantee you that many other people too!

I hope you managed to get some inspiration and useful information from this very unobjective review!

Right now, I invite you to the second part (it will be up in a few days), which will include "last minute" gift ideas: safe and easy to buy. You will still make it before Christmas. See you soon!
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Very good
The size guide is useful while the description and the photos helped me to do my choice. Thanks again for proposing clothings of classic/sartorial style. I would have loved to have a Poszetka "at home" in France. Hopefully one day you become big enough to get stores in Europe
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