A look on the Autumn 2022 lookbook

Not an ordinary lookbook this time - rather being a commentary on the newest Poszetka’s collection Autumn drop. Just in time before the winter goes into full swing!
[I don’t know what the weather look like right now in the place you are based - but here, as I’m writing this, a rather pleasant Autumn just turned into proper winter during the last few days. Let this article and photos be a memory of those sunnier, warmer and definitely more bearable days.]
When Beniamin approached me with the shots of Poszetka’s newest collection, I immediately realized that they deserve something more than just a few brief captions between the photos - especially considering the fact that I was invited to write this article.
Author: Mateusz Tryjanowski

It so happens that, even though I belong to the Poszetka friends & family group, I am a guest here. Therefore - although I do not like to say that something is not appropriate, I will do so now, being able to turn this declaration to my advantage - since I am a guest, it is not appropriate for me to impersonate the voice of the brand and try to explain their vision. However, I believe that it is appropriate for me to comment on (or even evaluate) the results, those final products as you see them.

I admit that this possibility suits me really well, as I feel perfectly comfortable as a guest commentator. In the end, however, it should not be about me having fun, but about you being able to get something out of this article. That’s why, except for picking my types, opinions and preaching advice on what to look for, I would like to encourage you to stay open-minded, do the same and - who knows - maybe even discuss our possibly-different views later?
But first, let me comment on the lookbook by answering one simple question that provokes many answers: what makes me happy in the Autumn 2022 Poszetka collection?
I would like to begin with a comment not so much about the garments, but about the entire lookbook conception - I'm glad that this one is called just "Autumn 2022", not "Autumn/Winter 22/23". I like that those pictures cover a coherent slice of the entire collection (technically, a drop), things more autumnal than wintery in their character, with no heavy coats and the thickest fabrics present yet. For those, the time will come - later, in the midst of the proper winter. Such distinction allows to present the seasonal vibe better, more in line with the brand’s vision. I like it!

And getting to the point - first of all, I'm happy with the colors in the new collection. It would seem that after a good few years in the industry it is hard to be surprised by something, but I am.
The palette is more than interesting, making up for a juicy mix. Except for typical seasonal colors, there are some more unusual accents, such as a splash of violet (this donegal sportcoat, WOW), piles of off-white and beige in various forms
(cords, shirts, socks), various strong reddish accents here and there (corduroy, knitwear, a shirt even)... but also simple-yet-effective play on gray in different shades (see Tomek in his monochrome outfit, fabulous). Chapeau bas, really.

Secondly - corduroy. I'm glad there's so much of it! Although this year - at least for now - no suit made of this fabric has appeared in the collection, its absence is compensated by various trousers (with a very interesting texture, in phenomenal colors) and hats. Personally, I'm still hoping for more, but nonetheless I'm satisfied with what’s available for now. It seems that corduroy as fabric in general is here to stay for a few seasons more - gooood.

Third - herringbone. Perhaps it's me who has become overly sensitive to this pattern so that I happen to see it everywhere, but I have the impression that it has finally started to be properly appreciated. I'm glad that this season there are less checks and stripes, replaced by more herringbone!
I like that pattern - it often appears as the simplest (well, in a row with a small houndstooth) alternative to plain fabric, with just enough texture for it not to be too boring nor too smooth, and at the same time being mellow enough to easily pair with other patterns. In addition to jackets and suits, it looks great on accessories, such as ties, socks or hats - all present here.
Fourth - double-breasted jackets. Not that I am a die-hard fan of such a cut (although I must admit that I love all three examples I have in my wardrobe), but this time they are a really bright point of the collection. They stand out, in a good way.
Both dark green (available separately and as a part of the suit) and brown (seasonal alternative to a double-breasted blazer) DBs are jackets that are both surprising and versatile. Unusual, yet not intrusive. They attract attention, but do not scream from a distance. I appreciate it.

Fifth - fabric experiments, or rather the sheer immensity of options available. I like the fact that among them you can find both classic tweeds (Donegal jacket, Harris Tweed cap!), as well as crazier, unique proposals (Ferla fabrics) with some basic options thrown into the mix (flannels and other not-too-thick, not-too-thin wools). Something for everyone.
And a bonus, because I wouldn't want to make this the official sixth point: gray. This is a topic that deserves a separate article and will eventually get it. I am very happy that this season there is a lot of it to be seen everywhere, especially on sportcoats… with probably even more to be seen during winter. All right, let’s leave this topic for later.
I'll be back soon - for now, have a good time scrolling through the rest of the lookbook!

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