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The below ruleset describes and outlines the conditions of the 2+1 event procedeed in the webstores as well as and Poszetka stationary store.
§1. Whom is the event organised by?
The event is organised by disclosed entities:
KATOWICE ; NIP 9542511894
§ 2.1 Rules of 2+1 promo
During the live period of the event, the organiser enables the customers who purchase at least three marked products simultaneously, to have the least expensive item of the three discounted, to the price of 1 EUR. In case when purchasing more than three items, the the discount will still apply to only one, least expensive item of all the purchased ones. The price of the least expensive item will be automatically reduced to 1 EUR.
The items included in the event are the products found in the offer of the webstore and stationary stores and marked with a graphic sign 2+1 on the webstore Items that are not elligible for the event and thus the discount, are items that are already discounted or a part of different price reduction event or promos. The event does not combine with loyalty discounts. Wholesale purchases are not eligible for the discount of the event.
Gift cards and pre-order products are not elligible for the discount. In order to take part in the discount of the event in one of the stationary stores, one must notify the staff before the receipt is printed. In the webstore the event discount will be applied automatically after adding the applicable items into one's webcart.
§3. How long does the even last?
The promo takes place from 19.11.2022 to 26.11.2022.
§4. Returning and swapping the products
The cancellation of the order that was placed under the conditions of the 2+1 event is possible only when cancelling the entire order. Returning a select part of the order is taken as a resignation from taking part in the event or recalculating the purchase value of the rest, unreturned items. Please contact with any queries or questions.
The items eligible for exchange and swaps must be included in the same cathegory and price. To carry out such a procedure abstain from using the return wizard, please contact instead with the order number stated in the title of the message. Please include information about the swapped product and the desired size (if applicable) in order to reserve it. In order to check the availability of any product please check the stocks at After receiving confirmation from the webstore staff, return the item to Sokolska 78 40-087 Katowice (shipping charge covered by the customer). The parcel should be marked with a WYMIANA phrase and order number.
§ 5. Complaints regarding the event and it's rules
Complaints concerning taking part in the aforementioned event should be filed within 14 days of the event's end date, by letter delivered to the organiser's address or sent to via email, titled as "complaint".
The organiser will reply to the complaint in up to 14 days after receiving the complaint. The party filing the complaint will be notified either via email or letter.
Any doubts, queries or questions concerning the rules and terms of the event should be consulted with the delegeted staff depending on where the purchase will or has taken place:
Webstore: 608666698
Katowice store: 602385783
§6. Final provisions
This ruleset is available for viewing on the webstore and in the stores of the organising party. In justified cases the organiser reserves the right to amend the rules of the above ruleset, without taking away or amending the customer's rights resulting in his harm. All of the questions not regulated by this ruleset are regulated by the commonly binding law. The organiser can contact the customers via phone, email or by letter - by using the method the customer made available by disclosing his contact details and preferences.
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so beautiful product thank you, it's my first purchase with poszetka !!